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Why us?

The Composites and Automation Solutions business line combines the wealth of experience of legacy brands Cincinnati and Forest-Liné with the agile approach of Lund. Together, we specialize in complete, bespoke solutions for the aerospace and other industries.

Customer-oriented solutions, backed by experience

United under the Fives umbrella, the three world class builders of Cincinnati, Forest-Liné and Lund are the largest suppliers of composite equipment in the world. We have developed a vast array of experience in a wide range of composite manufacturing solutions. Beyond the traditional Aerospace (both commercial and military aircraft) market, Fives is also present in the Defense industry among others, and provides Space launch systems. Technological and quality excellence are our drivers, and now, with ever-advancing automation and enhanced process expertise, Fives offers unique purpose-engineered, customer-oriented solutions, both in composites manufacturing and in other industrial processes.

We industrialize ideas

We’re not worried that "it hasn’t been done before". In fact, this is where we thrive. If you bring us an idea for an automated process – or just a need – we can develop a solution. This agile approach is why we are a trusted partner to the likes of SpaceX and Blue Origin, and why Fives Lund is a recipient of Boeing’s Technology Supplier of the Year award.

Our more "standard" composite manufacturing solutions are equally customer-focused. From the first conversation to commissioning and beyond, we give every project the consideration it deserves. Customized configurations, unique laying programs, and tailored automation solutions are all part of the service.

Partners in innovation

We believe the relationship between you and your equipment supplier should be a partnership. Off-the-rack solutions don’t meet the needs of high-spec operations, so let us know what you need – we’ll make it happen. The only thing that comes as standard is the high level of support you receive from us, all the way through your project and beyond.

Our people are our strength. And with hundreds of service technicians across the globe, there will always be someone on hand for any questions you might have. When it comes to customer service, we won’t be satisfied with anything less than exceptional.

So, whether you are forming a nose cone, manufacturing a satellite component, or need an entirely new automated process, we’re here to help. With the technology, expertise and experience you need to achieve exceptional quality and performance, every time.