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Robotics & Gantry Automation Solutions

From robotic unloading of auto parts to installing rocket engines on next generation space launchers, we are experts in automation solutions. We understand every element that impacts automation – from the controls and electronics to the user interface and the process mechanics. We put that all together to create solutions that increase your productivity and efficiency. Always pushing the boundaries to bring the best solutions, wherever we work.

Robotics and gantries

Engage the experts

From simple robotic systems and small flat gantries, up to large five-or six-axis machines, we are experts in automation solutions. No matter the weight or speed, our solutions guarantee precision and safety – every time.

Whether you’re replacing manual operations with robotics, or require automated gantries for larger projects, we have the solution for you. Speed, productivity, precision and efficiency can all be improved with automation – not to mention the increased product quality you’ll achieve. More than anything, though, automation increases potential. With our robotics and gantry automation solutions you can take on projects that would previously have been impossible.

We work within the confines of your existing setup to develop customized automation solutions that meet your needs. Integration with your upstream and downstream processes ensures an end-to-end solution that delivers on the promise of automation.

Automated guided vehicles

Partner for success

When it comes to automated guided vehicles (AGVs), we are a total solutions provider.

Whether we bring in AGVs from third-party suppliers, or design a brand new solution, we are a true partner. Bringing you all the advantages of automated transport – increased safety, efficiency and productivity.

For more complex production lines, our bespoke "free-range" AGVs, enable you to automate operations that may typically have been manually controlled.

Even in simpler lines, the integration of off-the-shelf AGVs is key to their success. We take responsibility for fitting them smoothly into your process, ensuring optimum performance and cohesion with your existing line.