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Furnace Services and Solutions

Experienced furnace design and installation

North American Construction Services brings over 30 years of experience to the design and installation of refractory in all types of furnaces, vessels, ovens, launders, holders and other equipment, for new or modified furnaces and reline and repair of damaged Installations.  Our services are applied throughout many industries but are utilized predominantly in ferrous and non-ferrous metal applications.  

Precast refractory shapes for the aluminum and steel furnaces

Precast refractory shapes are used extensively in aluminum and steel furnaces. From door jams to skid piping, precast shapes can save time and money with initial installation and repairs.  

Our skid piping and welded installation techniques provide longer use lives, while our drying and installation can decrease outage times by 75%. Fives’ innovative designs include three layers of thermal protection made from proven materials.  

Fives’ precast refractory post system also assists with reduced plant outage times by using our staggered stacking and interlocking pin designs. These designs allow for installation times from a couple of minutes per post, instead of hours to days as with other refractory systems. 

Molten metal launders for non-ferrous applications

Metal launders and their heating systems are used in aluminum and copper industries. These are unique applications that Fives can discuss with you to see if they fit your operation. We can recommend the right refractory and launder design to provide years of operation and ease of maintenance.  

Heating of the launders can be accomplished with natural gas, or electric depending on your process needs. North American Construction Services can design the proper launder cover for your operation. Typical burners used on molten metal launders are: 

Hot rider/buttons for steel reheat furnaces

Add thermal protection furnace solutions with Fives’ Advanced Hot Rider/Button designs. The high temperature alloy casting metallurgies help improve product quality and reduce heat loss. Fives’ innovative geometric designs help reduce energy usage, emissions, and heat transfer characteristics alongside the Rider/Button designs.  

These geometric changes improve pusher furnace operations by reducing wall collisions and auxiliary furnace damage. The welded tab and pin designs promote thermal protection from reduced heat transfer from the hot furnace environment to the cold skid piping. Tab and pin systems create efficient Rider/ Button replacements than older welded Cold Rider/Button applications.