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Power and steam generation

Power your production while achieving strong environmental performance

Fives designs patented burners that reduce emissions while generating power and steam. Our innovative combustion and control systems offer  strong environmental performance and energy efficiency while guaranteeing optimal efficiency and performance

Efficient, cost-effective water-tube boiler combustion systems

Fives designs combustion and control systems for water-tube boilers and heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs).

Our combustion systems deliver low emissions and high thermal efficiency, with Ultra-low NOx burners producing less than 10 ppm. Fives’ combustion control system limits thermal heat loss for significant fuel savings. 

Fives’ burners combust both liquid and gaseous fuel types to power water-tube boilers: 

  • For internal flue gas recirculation, the Pillard LONOxFLAM® G2 is the latest generation of Pillard swirl burner 

  • For boilers requiring Ultra-low NOx we recommend the Pillard NANOxFLAM® and its patented emission reduction technology 

  • For urban waste and biogas recovery units, we offer the Pillard BIOFLAM™ 

Fives also offers the Pillard STARTFLAM™, a burner dedicated to warming power plant boilers. It is simple and reliable proven technology. It is also available in a special, coal burner version which provides oil start-up before coal injection. 


High thermal efficiency, plug-and-play fire-tube boilers burners

Fives’ fire-tube boiler burners reach low emissions levels by simultaneously staging combustion air and inducing flue gas recirculation. They operate on a multitude of gaseous fuels, with diesel oil as a back-up fuel.  

This unique plug-and-play technology is pre-wired and tested in our workshop, delivering Ultra-low NOx emissions and high thermal efficiency

  • Guarantee low emissions and high combustion efficiency with the Pillard NANOxFLAM Compact®, the latest Ultra-low NOx industrial gas burner based on patented BLUEMix® technology 

  • For Ultra-low NOx emissions consider the North American EcoFornax™ LE which is suitable for use with any gaseous fuel including high hydrogen refinery gas 

HRSG solutions featuring significant NOx emissions reductions

HRSGs transform process heat into electricity or steam. Fives has experience and expertise in powering HRSGs. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling is used to predict burner performance and reduce retrofit costs. 

Power gas turbines with low oxygen content using the Pillard INDUCTFLAM® L, a gas-fired grid burner. It is designed for turbine exhaust gas (TEG) applications, and built to withstand extreme environments such as thermal shock and high temperatures. It enables low-NOx production

Fire gaseous and liquid fuel oil and achieve optimal performance with Pillard INDUCTFLAM® Ci, built for dual-fuel applications. It builds on the same low-NOx technology as the Pillard INDUCTFLAM® L. This versatile installation can be fixed while in operation, due to its gun removal system. 

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