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ITAS Flares

Safe, efficient and customizable flares for industrial combustion

During routine plant operations, flares safely and efficiently dispose of flammable, toxic and corrosive waste gases through combustion. Flares are also a critical component in emergency relief events.

Fives designs and supplies flare systems to meet any technical requirement, project specification or local environmental standard. Our experts undertake engineering studies, system design, supervision, site and remote assistance and training activities to ensure optimum efficiency and safety.

ITAS elevated flares for efficient waste gas disposal

Fives has more than 600 flares in service globally. We deliver flares for use in a range of industries and applications, including oil pits, liquefied natural gas (LNG), refineries and petrochemicals, as well as production plants (both onshore and offshore). Our flares are critical components in burning off waste gases before they are released into the atmosphere.

The ITAS elevated flares are vertical stacks and self-supported, by a guy wire or derrick. They dispose of waste gases through smokeless combustion, achieved with air or steam assistance or by using a sonic flare tip.

ITAS demountable flares: A flexible and cost-effective solution

Fives remains dedicated to designing and providing the most cost-effective systems according to our clients’ requirements. Our ITAS systems are all designed for easy service and inspection, which offers flexibility and reduces the impact of maintenance on plant operations.

The ITAS Demountable flares are compact and require minimal maintenance, which reduces costs related to shut-downs. The system is completely demountable, and each flare line can be disassembled when the others are in operation, in order to avoid any loss in production.

ITAS enclosed ground flares: Limited radiation effect and visible impact

ITAS enclosed ground flares are the ideal solution for industrial plants close to populated areas, or any plant where minimizing the visual impact and the footprint of the flare is essential.

The ITAS flares are used to destroy waste gases without radiation effects or visible flames, and with limited noise. They have a high turndown capability and offer efficient combustion and destruction. Our ITAS enclosed ground flares delivers smokeless and short flames when used at low pressure with air or steam assistance.

ITAS multipoint ground flares: Customized solutions for high flow rates

ITAS multipoint ground flares can manage large quantities of waste gas. They are appropriate for use within fenced areas that contain radiation as well as in plants built around densely populated zones where the visual impact needs to be kept at a minimum.

These ITAS flares are suitable for smokeless treatment of variable volumes of waste gas which exceed the practical design limits of a single steam assisted or air assisted flare.

Our ITAS multipoint ground flares offer reduced energy consumption thanks to their advanced design and the customized configuration inside the fence.

Fives provides flexible systems able to accommodate from minimum purge flow rate to design maximum capacity.