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North American Construction Services

Furnace Services and Solutions

Thermal process solutions that increase efficiency

North American Construction Services (NACS), provides solutions to improve your thermal process operations in the most efficient ways possible.  By combining the combustion knowledge of Fives and the construction capabilities of NACS, we provide our clients with turnkey furnace solutions and full furnace lifecycle support. 

Equipment upgrades, retrofits, service and maintenance

NACS provides turnkey supply for thermal process equipment for all types of furnaces, vessels, ovens, launders, holders and other industrial equipment. Our experience includes green and brownfield equipment. As your trusted partner, we can be your one-stop-shop for upgrades, retrofit, services and maintenance needs through the entirety of the equipment lifecycle. 

Our services include: 

  • Engineering 
  • Fabrication & assembly 
  • Refractory design & supply 
  • Combustion & mechanics 
  • Installation services 
  • Project management & safety compliance
  • Lifecycle service & maintenance  

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Turnkey furnaces: design, construction and installation

An industrial furnace is one of the most critical assets to any manufacturing process. Ensuring optimum performance is a demanding requirement in today’s world. NACS meets the ever-changing demands of the global marketplace through skilled maintenance, combustion system improvements and enhanced control. NACS provides customers with full lifecycle support and maintenance. From initial consultations through furnace design, construction, field installation and service, we ensure every customer is completely satisfied. 

As one of the largest fully integrated combustion, controls and furnace development companies in North America, NACS offers its clients: 

  • Turnkey project management (we take full responsibility for project completion) 
  • World class combustion systems and equipment
  • Innovative design, construction and installation
  • Process control and automation
  • Comprehensive analysis and engineering services 

NACS maintains general contractor licenses in approximately 13 US states, from Washington State to Florida. 

NACS operations and facility

Located at 4466 Pinson Valley Parkway in Birmingham, Alabama, the newly renovated office and fabrication shop are now situated within 85,000+ square feet, more than twice the size of the previous facility. This allows for additional shop floor space for fabrication, piping, assembly, refractory, and paint, as well as added overhead cranes and jib hoists. The warehouse space for materials stock has been upgraded from 7,200 square feet to 10,500 square feet. The space stocks refractory castables, plastics, ceramic fibers, module bricks and anchoring hardware. NACS’ inventory also includes combustion and mechanical components critical to your operations.  

The facility enables us to build and preassemble large equipment prior to shipping. With fabrication, mechanical, combustion, electrical and refractory capabilities, NACS ensures on-time delivery, minimized site time and reduced customer downtime.