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Empower technicians to enhance performance with training from the experts at Fives. As a registered training organization, our programs can be integrated into your training budget.

Bespoke training courses

Our registered training programs provide the understanding needed to properly operate and maintain induction heating installations.

Trainees receive both theoretical and practical insight into equipment management and process optimization. The courses are tailored to your specific requirements, process, and can even be held at your own site.

Following training, your technicians will be equipped to deal quickly and independently with the full range of process conditions and interventions.



Open to operators and maintenance technicians and held at your facility. 

The course provides an overview of the equipment. 

Specific topics include:

  • Use of the operator terminal
  • Signalling
  • Faults
  • Care
  • Maintenance
  • Safety instructions



Enable your maintenance technicians to diagnose and deal with the full range of possible breakdowns. The course covers:

  • Principles of induction heating
  • Parallel or series oscillating circuits
  • Power source
  • Electronics boards
  • Operating principles of the rectifier/chopper and inverter
  • System manipulation and measurement
  • Water circuit
  • Typical faults and methods of troubleshooting



The course is aimed at process and production engineers, as well as maintenance technicians. It covers:

  • The principles, design and applications of induction heating systems
  • Factors to choose inductor geometry
  • Power transmission to the piece to be heated
  • Inductor efficiency and the search for maximum power
  • Oscillating circuits and electrical impedance