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Our cooling systems are an ideal solution whenever cooling is a key factor for the reliability of your equipment. They deliver operational stability with precise temperature regulation, and with no risk of condensation or scaling on the secondary circuit.

The equipment that can be cooled by our cooling systems includes power rectifiers and converters, induction systems, tempering tanks, quenching units, power factor corrector equipment, special equipment, such as welders, plasma generators, lasers, microwaves, X-rays or particle accelerators, and more.

Circulation & cooling skids

  • Up to 4.6 MWth
  • Redundant components if required
  • Adapted to characteristics of raw water available on site

refrigeration units

  • Up to 320 kWth
  • Use of low GWP gas
  • Low noise emission


Air cooling units

  • Up to 950 kWth (higher power - optional)
  • Low noise design
  • Reduced footprint


Quenching tanks

  • With or without lifting system
  • For oil or polymer quenching fluid
  • Static or continuous quenching process