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Cleaning and priming

Cleaning and priming your surface with precise and efficient robotized solutions ensures that glues and paints can adhere efficiently. We offer both manual and robotized solutions under the DeckerSealing™ brand to ensure optimum surface quality for the strongest possible bond.

Robotized cleaning and priming solutions

Our robotized solution comprises a cleaning and priming head so that both operations can be carried out in one station. The equipment includes the very soft cotton pad for cleaning and brush for applying the primer. You can select the robot that best suits your existing setup. You can also add a vision control system if desired, so that you can confirm that the primer has been applied correctly.

Careful dosing control

Dosing of the cleaning agent and primer is carefully controlled with peristatic pumps, manually adjusted to match the speed of your assembly line. The pump is located directly on the application head, ensuring you use just the right amount of cleaning agent or primer and there is no waste. Maintenance of this system is simple, with just one small pipe to be changed every once in a while.