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Your heavy vehicle assembly line needs flexible filling and sealing solutions that drive efficiency. Our RapidCharge® and DeckerSealing™ equipment delivers precision performance with short cycle times.

Flexible fluid filling for heavy vehicles

From brake fluid to windscreen wash, we can provide the filling equipment you need for your heavy vehicle assembly line.

All our solutions are customizable to your application and factory floor. Whether you require a static filling station or a portable solution, we can help. Just call us to discuss your needs.

Every machine in the RapidCharge® fluid filling range includes the RapidCharge® FPU processing and pumping solution as standard. This ensures optimum fluid quality prior to filling, ensuring your heavy vehicles are safe and ready to go. Meanwhile, precise, automated dosing guarantees assembly line efficiency.

The filling process is controlled by integrated PLC, which can also be customized to your preferred control system. We can also engineer bespoke machines and configurations for special fluids and filling demands.


Quality sealing and beading

Heavy vehicles need heavy-duty seals. Our DeckerSealing™ range of pumping, metering and dispensing solutions ensures a high-quality bond, every time.

With advanced PLC controls and optional robotics technologies, every application is precise. Each machine can be configured to your application, assembly line and sealing requirements. Two-component adhesives are accommodated in our DeckerSealing™ 2K machine. We can also supply visual and laser bead quality control systems for the ultimate in quality assurance.


Testing welded parts and hydraulic systems

Utilize our pressure, vacuum and mass spectrometer systems to ensure your welded heavy vehicle parts and hydraulic systems are leak-free. With customizable testing equipment, you can perform quality control testing and repairs with total peace of mind.

All our technologies are based on 40 years’ experience, with references from the global heavy vehicles market. With offices in France, China, Japan and the USA, we can offer a global support network of engineering experts.