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Multi Fluid Filling Machines

When it comes to multi fluid filling machines, you need a solution that is as flexible and easy to use as possible, while operating at high accuracy and speed. RapidCharge® M modular multi fluid filling machines are a proven solution, filling more than 5 million cars around the world today.

RapidCharge® M Elite filling machine

Pioneering multi fluid filling machine

Based on the success of the original RapidCharge® M, the RapidCharge® M Elite offers high production capacity and flexibility.

With its ultra-compact design, the RapidCharge® M Elite offers the option to combine several machines on the same line. Better still, the improved hydraulic system reduces evacuation and filling cycle times by approximately 20%. Brake fluid degassing is also optimized thanks to improved circulation of the fluid up to the adaptor.

The ergonomics and new operator interface ensure easy operation. The HMI is based on a smartphone interface and makes training, operation and fault diagnosis quick and simple. The whole process is designed to intuitively guide the user.



  • Easy and cost-effective to install
  • Low, simple maintenance
  • Easy upgrades
  • No limitation on layout and process combinations

RapidCharge® M filling machine

Cost-effective and flexible modular filling

To meet market demand for a cost-effective and flexible mobile multi fluid filling solution, Fives created the RapidCharge® M.

The modular design features a wide standard module base. Complete filling modules can be added or replaced - without changing the layout of the filling area. It also means RapidCharge® M machines are quick and easy to install on site. And they have unlimited flexibility in terms of layout and process combinations.




  • Reliable high performance
  • Easy and low maintenance
  • Standardized components
  • Easy upgrades to keep up with your evolving needs
  • Cost-effective investment