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To achieve optimal productivity in your automotive assembly line, you need reliable equipment capable of quick cycle times. Our filling, sealing and testing solutions deliver, with precision performance and enhanced efficiency.

Purpose-built filling solutions for automotive assembly lines

From fuel to brake fluid, coolant to air conditioning gas, fluid filling applications are critical to automotive assembly lines.

Filling has to be fast, accurate and reliable – or it risks undermining the efficiency of the assembly line. Not to mention, the performance and safety of the car.

With more than 40 years in the filling market, our RapidCharge® range meets all the demands of the automotive industry. Delivering precision performance at remarkable speeds, utilizing advanced PLC control, these filling machines will exceed your expectations. With standalone and multi-fluid filling options, customizable configurations and specialised pump and treatment processes, you can choose your ideal solution.

Do you have a unique requirement? We can design bespoke machines for special fluids, configurations and filling demands.


Gluing, sealing and bonding solutions

When it comes to beading and sealing applications, our DeckerSealing™ range is renowned across the global automotive industry.

From precision metering equipment, to advanced robotics technologies and specialist solutions for two-component adhesives, we have everything you need.

Our pumping, metering and dispensing solutions incorporate state-of-the-art control for optimum precision. And, to ensure that the bead quality meets your specifications, we can also offer visual and laser quality control systems.

For two-component adhesives, the DeckerSealing™ 2K can mix a wide range of ratios, from 1:1 all the way to 50:1. We can also handle your cleaning and priming requirements with a range of manual and automated solutions.


Testing for optimum quality

Our testing equipment will make sure your welded automotive parts and hydraulic systems are leak-free. Choose from pressure or mass spectrometer testing to ensure optimal tightness for maximum performance and safety. All our solutions can be customized to your requirements.