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industrial burner

A range of low-NOx Industrial burners

Pillard LONOxFLAM® low-NOx industrial burners are available in three versions to suit all types of applications, boilers and fuels. The patented Pillard LONOxFLAM® technology is based on internal Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR). It is described as a Best Available Technique (BAT) by the European Commission. 

Pillard LONOxFLAM® G2

The Pillard LONOxFLAM® G2 offers low-NOx performance for front and tangential gas firing (oil can be added as back-up fuel). Its advanced technology reduces emissions by 50-75% to as low as 50-90mg/Nm3@3%O₂ dry. The burner is ideal for water tube boilers, thermal plant boilers and thermal oil boilers in any kind of industry and across a range of applications, including heating plants, sugar plants, refineries and petrochemical heaters.  

The burner’s swirl and impulse can be adjusted according to the choice of combustion head. This makes the flame shape compatible with any furnace and maintains a stable flame and very low excess air. It can be fitted on both single and multi-burner, common wind box boilers. A version for package boiler is also available.

The Pillard LONOxFLAM® G2 can burn any type of gas—even 100% hydrogen—with a combustion air temperature of up to 400°C (392°F). The heat release ranges from 6 to 120 MW per burner. 


The Pillard LONOxFLAM® AS burner is dedicated to low NOx firing oils such as heavy fuel oil (HFO), diesel oil (DO) and acrylics. It can also be used for low-NOx firing with gaseous fuels.  

The burner combines a range of innovative technologies:  

  • Splitting of fuel-oil flames and fuel gas flames 

  • Combustion air staging 

  • Double-stage fuel-oil atomization for reliable NOx and CO emission reduction 

The Pillard LONOxFLAM® AS can burn any type of oil, with a combustion air temperature of up to 400°C (392°F), very low excess air and high flame stability. Its heat release ranges from 8 to 50 MW per burner. 

Pillard LONOxFLAM® G3

The Pillard LONOxFLAM® G3 offers very low NOx properties for fuel gas firing in fire-tube boilers. It reduces NOx emissions by 50-75% to 90mg/Nm3@3% O₂ dry and can be used in any kind of industry, across heating plants, sugar plants and refineries.  

Thanks to its advanced design with no moving parts, the 

burner is extremely reliable and safe. Its heat release ranges from 4 to 30 MW per burner.