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North American Integral Fan Burners

Reliable and rugged low NOx burners

Our Integral Fan Burners are ultra-stable and designed to deliver 100% of combustion air required for burner operation. These low-NOx industrial burners are capable of meeting emission limitations in environmentally sensitive installations. Cold, tight chambers present no problem for this rugged, low maintenance workhorse. North American Integral Fan Burners have proven reliability with natural gas, any grade of commercial fuel oil, crude oil, pitch, or refinery bottoms.  

Typical applications include once through steam generators (OTSGs), process heaters, cooking oil heaters, fire tube boilers and dryers. 

North American 4131 Integral Fan Burner

The North American 4131 is a gas-only version of the Integral Fan Burner. This industrial burner has three basic parts: the front, the center and the rear section. Each section has a variety of simple, yet key parts that keep the flame controlled while ensuring the burner stays code compliant.  

The built-in fan is a distinguishable part of the burner. This necessary component not only helps eliminate bulky and expensive burners, but also abolishes the need for several burners for a single blower. The controls within the burner package help to monitor and program the burner for security and stability throughout the burning process. 

North American 6131 Integral Fan Burner

The North American 6131 is the dual-fuel version of the Integral fan burner. Our burner operates well under both negative and positive pressure. Steam or compressed air is used for oil atomization. The burner can be operated with a multitude of fuels, ranging from diesel through to very heavy crude oil.  

6131 Integral Fan Burners have a multitude of accessories and extras available, each capable of customizing the basic burner to operate in the optimal way for your installation. Our accessories and extras are designed to help make your industrial burner even more reliable and efficient, and to comply with specific codes.