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ITAS Remixflame

Air-gas controlled premix induct burner

Advancing process efficiency

ITAS Remixflame introduces an advancement in air-gas controlled premix induct burner technology, tailored to meet different process requirements.
Through innovative engineering, it guarantees precise temperature control and stability in hot air generator operations.

All ITAS Remixflame burners are duct and engineered to achieve optimal temperature consistency in the existing airflow.

Minimum emissions, maximum impact

ITAS Remixflame burners redefine environmental sustainability with their advanced design features.
Utilizing precision nozzle mix technology and indispensable flame shields, they achieve unparalleled emission reduction, significantly lowering CO and NOx levels, while maintaining superior performance benchmarks.

Enhanced production efficiency

ITAS Remixflame burners offer unparalleled efficiency and stability.
With precise air-gas control, they adapt to several capacity demands, ensuring optimal production rates and operational excellence.

Design target: modular burner, compatible with all combustion chamber designs.
Revamp target: single module dimension identical to HTC burners to promote easy revamping.

Technical parameters

ITAS Remixflame burners offer unparalleled performance and reliability, through the following main technical parameters:

  • Thermal output: ranging from 120kW to 30MW
  • Turndown ratio: 10:1
  • Flame length: up to -500mm
  • Control: air and gas 
  • Application temperature: up to 800°C
  • Combustion air temperature: up to 200°C
  • Fuels: primarily natural gas
  • NOx range: 30- 40 ppm @ 3% O2
  • CO range: 40 – 180 ppm @ 3% O2
  • Lambda: 1,6 – 1,7

It addresses the needs of various markets for drying applications:
Food and feed, paper, cement & minerals, gypsum, automotive, ceramics, painting and coating, printing and converting