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Building on more than 25 years’ experience in tin bath design, Fives designs and supplies complete tin bath solutions for architectural, automotive and ultra-thin glass. Every solution is tailor-made according to your requirements, right down to the smallest detail.


Typically producing soda lime glass ribbons, our float glass tin bath can be adapted to suit a range of thicknesses up to 25 mm and a maximum pull up to 1,200 tpd. Designed for maximum reliability and the highest glass quality.


Automotive laminated glass is particularly demanding in terms of optical quality. In order to maintain the line pull and to produce ever thinner glass, an extra wide ribbon is the solution – our tin baths can be designed for a net width up to 5 meters.


With ribbon thicknesses down to 0.33 mm, width close to 5 m and difficult forming - for the ultra-thin tin bath configuration, all details matter.  Engineered to take into account: vibrations, thermal insulation and atmosphere management.


The Top Rollers Edge Control (TREC™) features advanced kinematics of the top roller head, which combines both knurl and slew movements. The flexibility and mobility of these rollers brings incredible process improvements:

  • Constant pitch between consecutive points of contact with the glass ribbon
  • Shorter forming zone, giving a more homogenous temperature across the forming area
  • Higher process consistency
  • Easier visionic, enabling better process tuning
  • Improved edge control with very high flexibility on ribbon spreading shape
  • Better optical quality



Our proprietary drossbox technology is a market leader, with more than 60 installations worldwide. This equipment provides the following advantages:

  • Perfect sealing and thermal stability
  • High rigidity without any deformation
  • Independent LOR drives
  • High precision setting of LOR position & speed
  • Easy maintenance and fast LOR replacement
  • Thin glass configuration is available

Ancillary equipment:

Available as standalone products: head & end coolers, double tweel mechanisms, linear motors & DDP, tin coolers, periscopes, pushers, fences, flags, etc.