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Range of projects & applications

Fives has been serving the glass industry for more than 100 years with over 1,900 references worldwide. We have the expertise and broad experience to deliver high-efficiency glass making solutions, tailored to your needs. 

  We, Vidroporto and IVN team are excited with the beginning of the cooperation between our group and Fives, in our expansion project at IVN. This ambitious project, that will install our first independent section machine with sixteen sections, triple gobs, a swab robot is to increase the glass pull of the furnace by 60%. The Fives’ support will give us the warranty that it will be a successful project,” says Edson Rossi, President Director of Vidroporto.

Vidroporto, a leading glass container producer in Brazil, contracted Fives for its expansion glassmaking project to increase production of molten glass at its Indústria Videira do Nordeste (IVN) site in Sergipe, Estância, North-East Brazil.