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Float process

  • Low on energy
  • High on quality
  • Controlled process

Designed according to your process specifications, Fives supplies key process equipment for float glass lines: low energy melting furnaces, tin baths and annealing lehrs, as well as expertise and project management. Since 2000, we have installed more than 20 complete float lines, equipped with key process equipment.

Float furnace


Production of high quality automotive, solar and architectural glass with Prium® Float-Melt, the float glass furnace with L.E.M.® (Low Energy Melter) technology for maximum efficiency.


Tin bath

optimized cost & Quality

Tailor-made tin bath solutions for standard, ultra-thin glass and automotive glass. Any equipment of the tin bath is also available as a stand-alone product – top rollers, tweel mechanism, drossbox…

tin bath


controlled cooling

Our patented hot air annealing process enables you to have total control over the residual stress, bow, dish and waviness. Transversal cooling zones give a smoother glass temperature cooling curve.


Float glass line references:

Yugrosprodukt | Russia

Furnace, tin bath, lehr, cutting line, nitrogen production plant

Obeikan Glass | Saudi Arabia

Design and supply: furnace, tin bath, lehr and air pollution control

Sangalli Group | Italy

Two major contracts: a complete hot-end system and a tin bath

Sezal Glass | India

Melting furnace, tin bath, annealing lehr and production assistance

Vivix | Brazil 

A new 800 tpd float glass plant for the architectural sector

Düzce Cam | Turkey

A complete float glass line for automotive and building applications