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Today, glass producers need solutions that offer reductions in emissions whilst offering operational flexibility and meeting glass quality expectations. Importantly, with changing energy prices, furnaces must be able to adapt to the changing fuel-economics on-the-run in order to maintain viability throughout their lifetime. Fives' proprietary Heat Recovery Area (H.R.A.™) technology was named Solar Impulse Efficient Solution in 2021.

Prium® Eco-Flex, a flexible hybrid furnace

It is widely recognised that in order to increase electrical heating above average present day levels requires specially adapted furnaces - simply adding more electrodes does not work. That is why we have developed a flexible hybrid furnace that is designed to your needs. It includes:

  • Ability to establish a significant thermal gradient in the furnace superstructure between melting end and refining end
  • Ability to stabilise this gradient over different operational regimes 
  • Capability to establish a strong barrier between meting and fining within the melt
  • Optimum efficiency of both combustive and electrical energy input

Heat Recovery Area

Prium® Eco-Flex incorporates Heat Recovery Area (H.R.A.™) technology. This revolutionary design enables you to boost input from 20% to 80% without affecting glass quality.

The H.R.A.™ technology optimizes crown temperature profiles within the combustion zone. This is achieved by lowering the crown over the melt end, which has a series of adv­­­antages:

  • Better evacuation of­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ carry over and batch evaporation
  • Improved heat transfer from flue gas to batch
  • Low end temperatures and thus low overall heat flux from combustion to batch
  • Stable temperatures of the arch crown section with the combustion

The technology can be adapted to suit any capacity and container glass type/cullet ratios with either oxy-fuel or air-gas combustion.

Ancillary equipment:

Electrodes, electrode cooling equipment, stirrers, bubbling systems and more. Each part is designed with efficiency in mind, for maximum life and lowest possible total cost of ownership.