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Horizontal mills

Quality and productivity in a compact footprint. Our horizontal mill solutions enable you to make the most of your available floor space. Customized configurations and part geometries, advanced pallet systems and exceptional chip management ensure optimum all-round efficiency. Ideal for a range of milling operations on aluminum, titanium, composites and multi-layered materials.

Cincinnati Maxim 630

Large capacity, high efficiency, ultra precision

Outstanding precision and maximum productivity for a quality high precision solution.

The Cincinnati Maxim 630 horizontal machining center features increased loading capacity, high rigidity and high accuracy.

The base of the Cincinnati Maxim 630 is specially designed with high/low linear ways, which effectively shortens force loading lines while greatly increasing machining stability.

The Cincinnati Maxim 630's B axis movement and Z axis cross movement are equipped with oversized tapered cones for extremely accurate pallet positioning, ensuring outstanding machining accuracy.

AeroengineAerospace | Agriculture, Construction & Mining | Defense Energy | Rail

  • Rapid traverse of 48 m/min on X/Y/Z
  • 2 pallet, one to one swing type APC
  • Large part capacity, up to 1000 mm diameter and 1200 kg load capacity
  • High power 8k spindle with high torque during low speeds

Cincinnati Automated Drill & Trim

Large capacity, high efficiency, ultra precision

For the ultimate in multi-functional large capacity machining, choose the Cincinnati Automated Drill & Trim.

This highly precise horizontal mill has the capability to drill assembly holes and mill section edges, windows, and door cut outs with ease.

Designed to meet the needs of the aerospace industry

The Cincinnati Automated Drill & Trim delivers extended reach and ultra-precision processing capability to machine massive barrel-shaped parts. Laser sensors accurately measure the distance from the tool tip to the work surface and verify the approach angle for highest accuracy. We also use quills for more accurate drilling. In addition, you can choose from a range of pressure foot options to suit your application.

The Cincinnati Automated Drill & Trim system combines a rigid boring mill chassis and extended-reach ram with the unique Cincinnati Automated Drill & Trim gimbal head for large capacity, high-efficiency, and ultra-precision machining of both composite and multi-layered materials.

Aerospace Defense

  • 5-axis base machine with rotary option adding a sixth axis
  • Single and dual spindle configurations maximize processing flexibility
  • Expandable work envelope allows the processing of the largest wing panels and body sections in a single setup
  • Q-axis pressure foot detects the part surface at each hole location for precise countersink depth control

Cincinnati HMC 800 MAX

Power, speed, precision

The Cincinnati HMC 800 MAX horizontal mill is designed for high-torque, high-precision machining applications.

Equipped with a fast, heavy-duty automatic work changer, the HMC 800 MAX is capable of handling pallet loads up to 2200 kg and pallet size options up to 800 mm x 1000 mm for over-sized parts. For turning or mill-turn applications, you can choose to add a robust and reliable 600 rpm table. These horizontal mills can also be easily integrated into cells for multi-machine processing.

Customizable configuration, precision performance

Whichever configuration you choose, you will benefit from the box-in-box machine structure, which provides industry-leading stiffness. The high-torque geared spindle gives reliability and torque to power through heavy cuts, meanwhile the machine’s high dynamic stiffness makes it ideal for repeatable, precision hard metal processing.

AeroengineAerospace | Agriculture, Construction & Mining | Defense Energy | Rail

  • Symmetrical dual ballscrew design on XYZ axes provides speed, stiffness and maximized thermal stability for precision accuracy
  • High strength, single-piece, modular cast bridge structure provides superior damping to maximize rigidity
  • Precision roller linear guideways allow fast positioning rates
  • Rigid and lightweight spindle saddle allows high vertical acceleration and axes feedrates
  • Absolute scales provide precision and accuracy


Giddings & Lewis HMC 1250/1600

The ultimate in speed and performance

This modular horizontal mill gives OEM manufacturers and job shops the opportunity to perfectly match the machine features to the application.

Customize travels, controls, tool magazines, attachments, coolant systems and several different headstocks for optimum performance.

Accurate machining for large part production

Capable of swinging up to 3000 mm and shuttling capacity up to 7000 kg, the Giddings & Lewis HMC 1250/1600 are built with rugged machining centres for the utmost accuracy. These machines were engineered based on customer input. They are designed for rigidity, reduced cycle time and the capacity to handle a wide range of parts. Multiple advanced software programs monitor spindle load, adjust to spindle growth, control the feedrate according to cutting conditions, and more. Available on Siemens and Fanuc.

AeroengineAerospace Agriculture, Construction & Mining | Defense | Energy | Rail

Benefits include:

  • High performance drive/way system capable of high thrust and up to 40 m/min traverse
  • Superior axis stiffness thanks to hydraulically preloaded ballscrews
  • High torque and impressive stiffness even at high traverse and feed rates
  • Unmatched positioning accuracy in the hydrostatic rotary table
  • High-speed, high-torque, tilt and live spindle options in addition to the standard 10 000 rpm spindle
  • Versatile machining with the integrated multi-functional contouring head
  • Reduced cycle times thanks to wide range of contouring heads and programmable boring bars


Thanks to an unmatched level of automation, the new-generation AEROSTAR is a high-end powering equipment designed for the mass production of structural workpieces for aerospace.

This large-part milling machine tool offers ultimate productivity and best-in-class manufacturing processes. The High-Speed 5-Axis Horizontal Machining provides the perfect solution for rapidly removing large volumes of material, such as aluminum alloys. The closed structure ensures high rigidity while considerably reducing the effects of temperature rises, thus providing the best manufacturing accuracy and geometrical stability. At the same time, the mobile pallet system ensures the secure and effcient loading and unloading of complex parts. 

This new-generation AEROSTAR offers the market's most efficient, dynamic, and versatile solution


  • Quick and user-friendly
  • Easy software
  • FM supervisor
  • FMS flexible manufacturing system
  • High speed 30,000 rpm and high-power 125kw
  • High-precision finished parts
  • Easy operations
  • Flexible configuration: stand alone or FMS
  • Designed and produced in France


Forest-Liné Aeromill

High-speed horizontal mill

If you need high-velocity, reliable, precision processing of large-sized aircraft structural parts and panels, you need the Forest-Liné Aeromill.

This powerful, accurate horizontal mill is capable of handling pallet sizes up to 3.4 m wide and 20 m long. Suitable for roughing, finishing and complex machining with angle heads, the Aeromill meets the needs of OEMs and job shops seeking optimum machining efficiency.

Aluminum wings and aircraft structures up to 20 m

The Forest-Liné Aeromill 5-axis milling equipment uses linear drives on the X, Y and Z axis for increased dynamic stiffness, low wear and a smooth finish. Additionally, the vertical position of the table and the machine’s closed structure ensure efficiency and accuracy.


  • Clean: quick removal of the chips for efficient recycling, filtering and treatment of the fumes
  • Productive: pallet system and hidden time preparation of the parts
  • Powerful: spindle up to 125 kW
  • Easy to maintain: quick spindle removal


Forest-Liné Powermill Ti

Adaptive solutions for titanium machining

The Forest-Liné Powermill Ti is a 5-axis horizontal profiler for roughing and finishing titanium and hard materials.

Designed for machining aircraft structural complex parts, the Powermill Ti benefits from a patented ‘constant overhang ram’. This ensures high stiffness and accuracy, whatever the position.

Versatile and accurate titanium processing

With a horizontal spindle and moving vertical table, the Forest-Liné Powermill Ti is a versatile precision machining solution. Talk to us about your needs – we will engineer a tailored solution.

Aeroengine | Aerospace

Benefits include:

  • High stiffness and accuracy
  • High torque mechanical spindle
  • High pressure and flowrate coolant processing
  • Secure process
  • Extra compact machines
  • Stand-alone or FMS configuration
  • In-house design and manufacture of 5-axis milling heads


Liné Machines HMM

Moving column horizontal mill

Custom-designed for soft and hard materials, the highly versatile Liné Machines HMM is suitable for multiple industries.

The Liné Machines HMM is available in three versions, suited to different types of materials and dry or wet machining. The high speed 3-to-5-axis model is designed for machining aluminum alloys and carbon fiber. This version is ideally suited to manufacturing aero monobloc parts such as beams, floors, spars, rotor blades and ribs. Alternatively, the high-torque 3-to-5-axis model for hard materials is suitable for manufacturing lift arms, frames and large steel tubes. Every machine is supplied with equipment that is designed to withstand severe working conditions.

Automated tooling reduces set-up times

It is easy to combine the HMM with robotic processes and solutions. Our robotics technologies, such as the Liné Machines FlexiTool and RoboTool, ensure set-up is fast and safe.

Aeroengine | AerospaceAgriculture, Construction & Mining Energy | Oil & GasRail Shipbuilding Space

A range of configurations are available:

  • Dual column – 2 x HMM on same bed
  • Dual Process – High precision machining and deburring
  • Tilting table – roughing in three axes
  • 5-axis finishing machine to fit on existing HMC foundation
  • A-axis for arm orientation
  • Shuttle for off-line load/unload
  • Large choice of fixtures, including:
    • Head and tailstock
    • Rotary table
    • Floor plate
    • Tilting table

MMS Mirror Milling Star

Leading innovation with proven technology

Mirror Milling Star is the digital machining solution for high-speed milling, drilling and trimming of 3D aluminum or composite fuselage panels.

MMS allows mass production of skin panels aircrafts and space launchers waffle parts. Its mechanical milling process advanced solution replaces chemical milling.

Thanks to its surface scanning system, the machining adapts to the real shape of the panel and the dual 6-axis heads arranged in a mirror guarantee an unequaled level of precision by controlling the symmetry and the thickness of the pocket depth bottoms, whatever be their complexity and diversity.


  • Large range of panels
  • Flexible Manufacturing System
  • Unmatched productivity
  • Easy to manage
  • High quality
  • Fives process expertise
  • Energy savings
  • Cost savings
  • Made to last, Fives Design expertise


Dufieux Drimill

Complete rail machining solution

The Drimill offers a complete machining solution. It has the ability to clamp, mill, drill and saw rails up to 65 m long. And it can move the rails into and out of the cell.

With a 3-position indexing head (vertical up, horizontal, and vertical down) and a tool changer with 32 positions, this is a flexible machine with a large capability.


  • Turnkey operation
  • Safe, fully automated clamping and conveying system
  • Large capacity – up to 65 m