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Oil & Gas

Oil and gas applications are often complex and include materials that are difficult to process. With safety on the line, it is critical that these parts are manufactured with repeatability and the highest possible precision.

We have 200 years of experience in these sectors, we have the knowledge, the experience and the innovative technology to ensure that you consistently meet the highest standards, with a highly productive and cost-efficient operation.

Powerful engineering

Our wide range of milling, boring, turning and cutting machine solutions make easy work of large, heavy and complex workpieces.

Our solid machine solutions deliver optimal performance on multiple subsea, surface and fracking applications, including:

  • Blowout preventers (BOPs)
  • Gate valves
  • Ball & gate valves
  • Fluid ends
  • Power ends
  • Wells
  • Pump cases
  • Lift-arms
  • Gear-blanks

Due to their weight and complexity, BOPs can be particularly challenging to manufacture. The Giddings & Lewis VTC 2000, MC 1600 and VTC 1600 are ideally suited to these challenges. With a cast iron construction, these machines can handle extremely large, heavy materials. And, we always deliver the highest possible precision, no matter how complex the workpiece.

Tailor-made precision

Designed for flexibility, all of our modular machine solutions can be customized. Our engineers can create a tailor-made solution that fits with the needs of your oil and gas application.

Whether you’re milling, turning or profiling, we can help optimize your production process. From simple parts to complex manufacturing, our machine solutions have a reputation for high quality, reliable and repeatable results. Our legacy brands have extensive experience - more than 160 years for Giddings & Lewis and more than 135 years for Cincinnati. This experience is put to use in every project we undertake. Our Giddings & Lewis boring mills and Cincinnati HMC 800 are built for precise, heavy-duty machining of the largest workpieces. Meanwhile, our Giddings & Lewis turning centers have the capacity, power and versatility needed for the hardest metals. If you need both milling and turning, our Forest Liné Flexiax H, Flexiax V and Modumill MT are the ideal solutions for you.

All of our machines are also equipped with the latest in robotic and automated technologies. Automation reduces part changeover times and operator risk, as well as providing better quality, more accurate parts, and limitless capabilities.