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Ships, destroyers and submarines face the same challenges as other industries – to increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact. The result is new materials for shipbuilding, and new technologies – all enabled by innovative material removal equipment.

Machining centers at the heart of the shipbuilding industry

From bulk heads to hulls, propulsion propellers to connecting rods – our machines are integral to the shipbuilding industry.

As a long-time partner, we offer a combination of extensive experience, deep product knowledge and exceptional process expertise. Not to mention, full-service support and great pride in the relationships we build and the manufacturing lines we support.

Driving efficiency with robotics and automation

Robust and reliable, our horizontal machining centers and vertical turning centers deliver precise, consistent results with a superior surface finish.

We utilize robotics technologies and Industry 4.0 to drive efficiency in your shipbuilding process, reducing cycle times and increasing repeatability. Increased automation in the manufacturing process also increases safety – another key area of concern for us all.

Our legacy brands – Cincinnati, Dufieux, Forest-Liné, Giddings & Lewis and Liné Machines – bring with them a long history, but our eye is always on the future. Shipbuilding is evolving – and so is our technology. As new composites are developed to increase efficiency, our material removal equipment remains at the cutting-edge of innovation.

When you partner with us, you get a bespoke solution, customized to your application. And with the strength of the global Fives network behind us, you can rely on us for all your shipbuilding needs.

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