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A full range of versatile, customizable material removal solutions for your aerostructure, aeroengine, rail, defense and other applications. Whether you’re working on medium or heavy-duty components, with simple or complex requirements, we tailor our machines to your application. All of our milling, turning and cutting equipment is built for long life, maximum reliability and optimum efficiency. And, of course, we utilize the most advanced technologies to secure the precision and throughput you need.

Above all, our big brand names offer up decades of experience and a personal approach. With hundreds of references across multiple industries, we have the expertise to support your production goals.


Efficient, precision manufacturing of all your aeroengine components. Our materials removal solutions are designed to meet the specialist needs of these applications, now and in the future.

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Material removal solutions for all aspects of aerostructure engineering. Purpose-built machining cells ideal for milling and turning a range of materials, no matter the size.

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Our materials removal solutions are widely used in the manufacture of heavy equipment across a range of industries. Capable of machining even the largest components with precision.

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Reliable, high-performance milling, drilling, boring and cutting solutions for defense applications. Used in the manufacture of submarines, destroyers, tanks, helicopters and jets.

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Our materials removal solutions are a perfect fit for the renewable energy industry. Large and complex wind turbine components are no problem for our advanced machining cells.

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With safety on the line, you need the best possible machining performance for your oil & gas applications. Our materials removal solutions can cope with even the most demanding components, such as BOPs.

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Robust solutions for machining rails, wheels, track, switch points, crossings, axels, switches and frogs. High reliability and precision, with short cycle times.

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From bulk heads to hulls, propulsion propellers to connecting rods – our materials removal equipment is up to the job.

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We’re partnering the greatest innovators in the industry to develop the next generation of space launch and satellite technology.

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Our machining and turning centers are built to cope with even the largest car, truck and bus components. Equally capable of working with new composites or traditional alloys, these machining cells won’t let you down.

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