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In high risk environments, precision is of the utmost importance. Defense and military applications need parts that are engineered to the tightest possible tolerances to assure safe operation.

We have global experience working successfully alongside major manufacturers of defense and military submarines, ships, destroyers, helicopters, tanks and jets. We know how much accuracy matters and we know how to deliver it. Our range of rigid machine solutions can handle the largest, most complex components, delivering versatility and high precision, every time.

High precision for demanding environments

You need your parts manufactured to exact specifications. We have the expertise and the technology to help.

Our horizontal boring mills, horizontal machining centers, vertical turning centers and gantries have exceptional stiffness and high thermal stability. You can be confident that your processed parts will be of the highest possible quality, regardless of size or material.

In addition to high precision, our big brand machines are renowned for high performance and dependability. The integration of robotics technologies and advanced automation further increase accuracy, production times and reliability.

Flexibility for an optimized process

Whether you’re drilling, milling, turning, boring or cutting, our flexible machines can be customized to meet your individual requirements.

All Cincinnati, Forest-Liné and Giddings & Lewis solutions come with a variety of options, attachments and automation features. These can be customized depending on your application. And if you’re not sure exactly what you need, our expert engineers are on hand to advise you. We will work with you to find a solution that combines the features and capabilities you need to optimize your production process.

Our extensive expertise and unrivaled product knowledge is delivered through our large network of international partners. We always provide a friendly, local service.