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When it comes to aerospace structures, you need precision machines that can cope with large and complex components, a variety of materials and a wide range of machining needs. Fives answers that call with five impressive brands, all with extensive experience and expertise in aerospace machining applications.

Nose to tail aerospace engineering solutions

The aerospace industry is large and dynamic, with a number of critical needs to fulfil, including safety, reliability and economy. It all starts with good engineering.

Whether you are making fuselage for commercial aircraft, or building rockets to launch satellites, we have a machining solution for you.

As a partner to the industry, we deliver bespoke solutions to cope with all your complex materials, machining and configuration requirements.

Your success is our success. As such, we ensure end product quality by delivering robust, rigid machines that are built to adapt to your needs.

With the capability to handle the largest aerospace components, our Cincinnati, Dufieux, Forest-Liné, Giddings & Lewis, and Liné Machines brands promise a consistently high-quality finish that you can depend on.

Bespoke machines for every application

As the industry finds innovative solutions to reduce emissions, cut noise and increase efficiency, engineering requirements grow more complex. And with safety on the line, precision and balance are imperative.

Complex engineering is what we were built for. Giddings & Lewis has been operating for more than 160 years. Cincinnati has been around since 1885. Together we bring more than 300 years' experience, which we apply to every project. Always delivering the best quality machines, customized to your application. Drilling, milling, turning, pocketing, boring, cutting – every type of materials removal process you could need for your aerospace application can be accommodated by our flexible machines. We also incorporate robotics technologies and advanced automation wherever possible to reduce cycle times and improve precision and repeatability.

Our service is our strength. We’ll work with you to identify the best possible configuration for your application and capacity requirements, always ensuring you will achieve optimum efficiency and performance.

Meeting the evolving needs of helicopter transport

Helicopter design is changing in response to the demand for new and easy ways to transport both people and goods.

Meanwhile, manufacturers are looking to drive efficiency and bring down costs, using more lightweight materials and new aerodynamic designs. As a result, the manufacturing process has become increasingly complex and demanding – requiring ever more advanced machining solutions.

We are here to support you with unrivalled product and process knowledge. Our legacy brands bring extensive expertise in the precision milling, drilling, boring and cutting of helicopter structures. In fact, our range of customizable machines includes a special machining cell designed specifically for helicopter blades. Whether you are building military helicopters or civilian transport, our material removal machines deliver the quality and flexibility you need.