Fives worldwide

With a network of over 100 operational units in nearly 30 countries, Fives covers the world.

From the single component and machine to the complete production line, its references are worldwide.

Fives’ international multisector expertise gives the Group a panoramic overview of the industrial world on global scale.

Fives relies on a network of experts dedicated to design, project management, commissioning, service and maintenance which brings it closer to its customers.

This network also gives Fives the ability to draw on the experience of all its companies in any region of the world providing flexibility and responsiveness.

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Fives’ local commercial and operational presence brought by its network of subsidiaries- including regional offices and operational subsidiaries - physically fulfills its commitment to operate as closely as possible to its customers around the world. Thanks to this worldwide network, Fives acquires the knowledge of local industries, broadens its experience on local markets, develops relationships with local authorities, performs regulatory monitoring and develops local sales.

Fives' regional offices are located in: Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Middle-East, Russia & CIS, South Africa, Thailand and Turkey.

Fives also has 4 operational subsidiaries which give support to local contracts in Brazil, China, India and Russia.