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Cail & Fletcher e-Crystal™
Continuous centrifugal

The new generation of smart continuous centrifugals

Fives' brand new continuous centrifugal offers a wide range of features to maximize the efficiency of your centrifugation process.

The Cail & Fletcher e-Crystal™ has been designed for higher capacity, better product quality, easier operability and greater flexibility.
Furthermore, its fully automatic operation and remote monitoring make it the ultimate generation of continuous centrifugals.


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Customized smart technology

Fully automated, with assisted monitoring and remote control:

  • Powerful and user-friendly Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Real-time online monitoring thanks to reliable sensors (speed, vibration, temperature, pressure, flowrate, torque...)
  • Automatic clean-in-place (CIP)
  • Data analysis for predictive maintenance and energy saving recommendations

Work smarter !

Maximized capacity


One of the most efficient baskets on the market:

  • Massecuite pre-separation with large opening area
  • High capacity screen
  • Optimized basket rotational speed
  • Lower energy consumption per ton of massecuite
  • Robust stainless steel basket to accommodate high G-forces


Make it higher !

Optimized ergonomics

Designed for operator safety and ease-of-use for a better operator experience:

  • Highest safety standards
  • Easy access for maintenance: front platform, inspection sight glasses, access doors...
  • Massecuite inlet view port
  • Compact and clean design compliant with food industry standards

Make it easier !

High flexibility

Suitable for all types of massecuite application in cane, beet and sugar refinery:

  • Patented removable pre-separation basket to address heavy duty applications from high to low viscosity massecuite, high to low throughput
  • Preconditioning of the massecuite and adjustment of viscosity with integrated reheater
  • Efficient run-off separation
  • Designed for integrated remelt

Think greater !