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Premium sugar cane shredders to maximize cane extraction

Fives is a world leader in the supply of equipment for cane preparation, and offers its customers a wide range of in-line shredders. Investing in a Cail & Fletcher shredder is the best way to improve the efficiency of your sugar cane factory. Our equipment is designed to maximize sucrose extraction and help reduce downtime and energy consumption.

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In-line shredders: high precision design and efficiency

The high-precision Cail & Fletcher in-line shredder offers a better cane bed density, with more sugar cane fed into the first mill. It also features an extended surface for prepared cane particles, which improves the imbibing efficiency.

Thanks to its advanced design, our Cail & Fletcher in-line shredder achieves a preparation index of up to 92% without the need for a cane knife – with chopped, whole stick or mixed cane.

The absorbed power on Cail & Fletcher in-line shredders is approximately 25% less than with conventional technology.

Upgradeable sugar cane shredders with a large range of capacities

Cail & Fletcher in-line shredders are available in a wide range of capacities, and a width from 48 to 110 inches. They can easily be upgraded in case of the expansion of your sugar plant.

Our in-line shredders feature automatic speed adjustment, which ensures the highest level of efficiency, whatever the characteristics of the cane at the shredder inlet. Installation can be made on the existing carrier.

In addition to crushing the cane, the equipment also protects sugar cane mills by ensuring that the raw material is free from rocks and metal.

Flexibility for process optimization

Our in-line shredder is a cost-efficient solution in several different ways:

  • Its rotor is balanced in our workshop before installation on site, and vibration is monitored during operation to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Thanks to the adjustable anvil, the preparation index can be adapted according to fluctuations in electricity and sugar prices to ensure maximum profit
  • Maintenance costs and downtime are drastically reduced compared to conventional technology

The shredder can be connected to our Cail & Fletcher SMART ControlTM system to be monitored and adjusted remotely if needed, to optimize cane preparation.