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Vertical Machining Centers

The Cincinnati legacy lives on with the return of the Cincinnati Arrow, Sabre and Lancer. Delivering precision, accuracy, innovation, and lowest cost-per-piece manufacturing, these vertical machining centers offer a solution for a variety of industries.



Lower price point without sacrificing the quality, accuracy and reliability of renowned Fives material removal equipment.

Linear guideways feature zero clearance and fully-loaded carrying capacity in all directions. The ways consume less power and require no adjustments. The linear guideways outperform all other types of ways used today. Additionally, each way is automatically lubricated independently to increase life.

The cast iron base column, saddle, headstock, and tables have over 10 times the dampening capacity of steel construction, allowing for superior cutting performance. Top quality well-ribbed castings for high torsional stiffness and minimal vibration.


  • Spindle speed 10000 rpm
  • Front/rear chip disposal available
  • Rapid feed rate 48/48/36 mm
  • 4/5 axis rotary table available
  • 3 Axis ball screw prestressing
  • High torque spindle motors
  • Roller type motion system
  • 3 Axis absolute motor



The Cincinnati Sabre high performance vertical machining solution.

The heavy-duty spindle utilizes FAG, NSK or SKF bearings to allow heavy cutting. Oversized disk springs used to hold the tool in the spindle are tested for long life. The high retention force of the springs reduce tool movement, improve tool life, allow heavier cutting, reduce chatter & create a better part finish. This spindle is prepared to easily add the CTS option.

The encode is directly attached to the high-performance spindle motor. The spindle is then synchronized with the Z axis motion. This synchronization eliminates the need for expensive floating tap holders and prevents thread distortion and thread pullout.


  • Rapid feed rate 48/48/48 mm
  • 3 axis absolute motor
  • Saddle one piece design
  • Spindle speed 12000 rpm
  • 4/5 axis rotary table available
  • Front chip disposal system with surrounding coolant system
  • One piece telescope design in rear Y axis



Rigid construction, unsurpassed quality, high accuracy and ultimate performance.

Each ball screw is accurately aligned parallel to the guideways and anchored at both ends. They are then pre-tensioned to improve machine stiffness. The rotational torque variations are inspected to guarantee a non-binding, highly accurate, and long-running component. It can exceed customer requirements for accuracy and maximum life.

The heavy-duty box ways are hardened to HS67-75 (HRC 50-60) and precision ground. The female square ways and gibs are coated with anti-friction Turcite-8. These features allow the machine to maintain maximum accuracy levels.

Aerospace | Defense | Rail | Space

  • Rapid rates up to 20 m/min
  • Saddle one piece design
  • Massive cast iron base for extra stability
  • Spindle speed 10000 rpm
  • X travel from 1300 - 2040mm
  • Efficient front-type chip conveyor