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Refrigerant Charging Machines

Whether you’re looking for a machine capable of reliable, high-performance filling for your HVAC production facility or the flexibility of a standalone multi fluid machine, the RapidCharge® range has the solution for your refrigerant charging needs.

RapidCharge® MR

High production refrigerant charging unit

Designed specifically for the HVAC industry, the RapidCharge® MR meets market demands in terms of performance, price and delivery time.

The RapidCharge® MR range offers a flexible, modular design. It is available for charging both non-flammable gases and in an ATEX-compliant MRF model for flammable gases. And you can choose from one or two charging cells to fill one or two gases.

Charging takes place at high speeds up to 200g/s and with high accuracy of the charging flow.

  • Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Low, simple maintenance
  • Long equipment life
  • Inbuilt gas detection sensor for optimum safety


RapidCharge® L-AC

Standalone multi refrigerant filling machine

The 4th generation RapidCharge® L-AC is a standalone solution for filling a range of refrigerant fluids and other products.

The RapidCharge® L-AC is specifically designed to provide a cost-effective solution to sensitive filling processes. But there is no compromise on quality. The machine’s heavy-duty components are proven to meet the industry’s requirements for reliability and simple maintenance. The operator interface is designed for ease of use and is available in any language. Barcode reading and report printing are also available, thanks to a built-in network connection.

Choose from a range of process options to complete the filling process, including:

  • Tightness pressure test
  • Refrigerant recovery
  • Sniffing


RapidCharge® CO2

High-speed filling

The RapidCharge CO2 meets the need for high-production CO2 charging.

It is designed with an integral cooling system that keeps the CO2 in liquid phase. This enables more efficient and higher-speed charging than gas phase filling. High-quality components ensure operator safety at the high pressures required for effective CO2 charging. What’s more, a built-in CO2 sensor alerts the operator in the unlikely event of any CO2 leak.

  • High-speed liquid CO2 filling
  • High-quality, reliable components
  • High operator safety

RapidCharge® MR in Video

RapidCharge® FPU

Integrated fluid processing and pumping station

Each RapidCharge® machine also comes with the RapidCharge® FPU fluid processing and pumping station, ensuring that fluid preparation is carried out quickly and efficiently. Your fluids will always be ready for filling and there’s no waste - only optimal quality.