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Boiler Burners

A global expert in boiler burners for any energy application

As one of the world’s foremost combustion experts, Fives specializes in boiler burner development for energy generation applications. We have more than 100 years of experience in designing and manufacturing burners for the energy market and are market leaders in boiler burner technology. 

Fives offers a line of superior boiler burners that are compatible with a variety of energy applications, fuels and power levels. Our solutions are designed to respond to industries’ growing need for the highest thermal efficiency, with the lowest emissions.  

Robust burners for all types of industrial boilers

Our advanced burners are specifically designed to fit our clients’ key applications.  

Fire-tube boilers 

Their use has been generalized across the energy industry for low-pressure steam applications.  

Water-tube boilers 

Used for high-pressure and superheated steam, water-tube boilers are more robust than fire-tube boilers and are used in processing and power plants.  

Heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) boilers  

HRSGs are used in energy co-generation plants to increase global efficiency and produce high-pressure or high-temperature steam. 

Our burners are also fitted onto many other solutions, including power plant boilers, packaged boilers and thermal oil heaters. 

Fives’ range of specialized boiler burners

Our range of products includes high-efficiency low-NOx burners designed according to the Best Available Techniques (BAT) concept for industrial emissions control. 

Environmentally inspired, igniting innovation

Helping customers reduce their carbon footprint is a top priority for Fives. Our experts develop burners that offer increasingly higher combustion efficiency to reduce our clients’ NOx, CO and CO2 emissions. We propose non-fossil fuel solutions (including hydrogen, biomass, biogas and biofuel burners) as well as alternative solid fuel burners for the cement & minerals industries.  

The latest design improvements to our advanced burners incorporate Ultra-low NOx technologies as well as weight reduction, 3D printed and eco-friendly components, and compliance with ISO 14001 standards. In addition, our smart technology package monitors burner performance and advises on preventive maintenance and adjustments. This helps maintain optimal efficiency throughout the burner lifecycle.  

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