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High velocity burners

High velocity, low-NOx burners designed for a wide variety of applications

Fives designs and supplies high velocity burners suitable for a range of applications. Designed for low-NOx operations, Fives’ high velocity burners significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions without sacrificing product quality or process performance. These state-of-the-art burners also deliver a high turndown ratio and exceptional flame stability

Multi-fuel burners with air gas mixer technology

Fives’ ITAS Speedflame burners are designed for textile, drying, paper and environmental applications such as volatile organic  compound (VOC) abatement. Optimal air/gas mixing at the nozzle produces a jet of hot gases that enter the ovens. This strong outlet velocity evenly distributes heat in high-temperature furnaces, creating an ideal combustion chamber atmosphere.  

ITAS Speedflame burners range from 190 kW to 1,700 MW and operate at furnace temperatures of up to 1,200°C (2,192°F). The burners can fire with: 

  • Natural gas 

  • Liquefied petroleum gas  

  • Mixed gases  

Producing one of the world’s most widely used small capacity burners

The North American Tempest™ burner offers high-velocity jet action and superior recirculation. Operators benefit from greater temperature uniformity, low NOx emissions, and stability in furnace operating at temperatures up to 1,649°C (3,000°F). The North American Tempest™ burner is available in Ultra-low NOx versions as well. North American Tempest™ DMC and North American Tempest™ LNI retain all the best features of the 4441 series including:  

  • Ultra-low-NOx emissions 
  • Widest excess air and excess fuel operation 
  • Direct spark ignition 
  • Integral air and gas orifices 
  • Sturdy cast construction 
  • Ionization or UV flame monitoring 
  • Stabilizer durability 

North American Tempest™ burners combust natural gas and are available in sizes ranging from 400,000 to 5.4 MM Btu/h

Reduce emissions while optimizing temperature uniformity and thermal efficiency

Fives’ North American HiRAM® burners build on the success of the North American Tempest® while adding even greater functionality. They reach true high velocity (500 to 750 feet per second) due to exceptionally high capacity rates relative to the reduced tile discharge areas.  

North American HiRAM® burners are suitable for furnace temperatures of up to 1,315°C (2,400°F) and can be used with preheated air up to 315°C (600°F). Lit with a gas pilot or direct spark igniter, they are best suited for: 

  • Aluminum melters  
  • Ladle heaters 
  • Soaking pits 
  • Rotary kilns  
  • Heat treatment furnaces 
  • Fluid bed dryers 
  • Dryers 

North American HiRAM® burners combust natural gas and oil and are available in sizes ranging from 4 MM Btu/h to 25MM Btu/h

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