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Thermal process solutions

Turnkey solutions for thermal processes

Whether you are conducting thermal processes for refineries, steel or another industry, Fives’s industrial burners can help you reach your efficiency, safety and environmental goals. Our technology powers thermal oxidizers, regenerative thermal oxidizers and much more, while treating emissions and increasing efficiency.

Treating emissions from refineries and petrochemical plants

Treat volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced in refineries and petrochemical plants with Fives’ thermal process solutions. Our ITAS thermal oxidizers and ITAS incinerators can be tailored to meet your plant’s needs, and come with a full range of design and onsite services, accessories and tools to optimize your emissions treatment.

A Pillard Incinerator SystemTM can be configured to your plant’s exact specifications:

  • For waste gases, VOCs and liquids with no ashes, H incinerators are an efficient and compact solution
  • For liquids containing ashes and solid particles, V incinerators enable by-product recovery and prevent accumulation with a vertical combustion chamber
  • Liquid and gas waste can be handled with M incinerators, particularly suited to treating tail and process gas, low lean vapor compression (LVC) gas, air and VOCs, air and hydrocarbon droplets, and volatile vapors
  • Reduce air pollution by treating chlorinated solvent vapors with Pillard CHL-VOC turnkey incineration units

Regenerative thermal oxidizers for efficient VOC abatement

Fives has solutions for VOC abatement in any industry. Our experts can help you every step of the way, from design through installation and throughout your equipment lifecycle. Ranging in power from 5,000 to 250,000 Nm3/h, ITAS Rigetherm® regenerative thermal oxidizers can be fully automated for remote monitoring and assistance.

Proven technology for steel and forging

Fives has efficient and compact packaged solutions for steel and forging. Our experienced team of engineers can design custom solutions, including completely automated mechanical assemblies to conduct thermal processing. For ladle and tundish heaters, we offer the North American HiRAM® and the North American TempestTM burners, both high-velocity packaged burners.

For refractory drying applications of any sort, we also offer the North American FireWagon. A compact, mobile excess air burner, it increases productivity and extends refractory life.

The Pillard LEANGASFLAMTM is another solution for steelworks plants. This low LHV gas burner optimizes cost as it can run on process gas without rich fuel support. It is a proven technology for blast furnaces, producing gases to be used in boilers or dryers.

The environmental solution for thermal processes

Fives’ technology provides Ultra-low and low-NOx options. The Pillard NEUTRINOxTM injects a urea- or ammonia-based solution in the temperature zone between 850˚C (1,562˚F) and 1,100˚C (2,012˚F), reducing NO and NO2. We use computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling to find the perfect injection point. You can choose either the low- or Ultra-low model, according to your emissions needs.

Additionally, North American Construction Services can work with you to provide turnkey solutions for optimal safety, efficiency and environmental impact.

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