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Glass melting
Glass forming

It’s time to act on CO2 emissions. Technology exists to make glass production more environmentally friendly – and we continue to develop new ways to further improve efficiency.
Watch our videos: Milestone project for Groupe Pochet | Large-scale production all-electric furnaces for Verallia


From fully electric furnaces to advanced forehearth design, our leading technologies aim for greener glass manufacturing:

  • Prium® E-Melt electric furnaces offer better thermal efficiency, dramatically lower emissions and provide the potential for advanced automation. 
  • Electric boosting can improve melting efficiency and reduce emissions for those processes where an all-electric furnace is not suitable. 
  • Prium® Eco-Flex hybrid furnace uses special Heat Recovery Area technology to achieve up to 80% electric boosting, which could reduce emissions by up to 60%. The furnace can use up to 80% recycled glass for much greener glass manufacturing. 
  • BH-F E-Forehearth features advanced power and control systems that work with direct or indirect heating. It allows you to achieve optimum glass thermal homogeneity combined with minimum energy requirement. 

Solutions for greener bottles

An environmentally friendly container begins with a carefully designed hot end system.

The majority of emissions from the glass manufacturing process arise from burning fossil fuels. Replacing fossil fuels with green electricity can eliminate these pollutants, creating a sustainable manufacturing process.

Advanced air pollution control technologies and proprietary filtering and scrubbing systems are available for the removal of residue pollutants thereby ensuring attainment of the most stringent emission controls.

To create the most efficient solution for you, we use advanced mathematical and physical modelling to plan everything from the positioning and distribution of heat sources, to the ideal refractory type and the flow of the glass stream. 

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