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Fives will be exhibiting at GrindingHub 2024, showcasing our latest innovation

From May 14 to 17, Fives will be exhibiting at GrindingHub, Stuttgart, Germany, in hall 9, booth B31.


GrindingHub 2024 will be the perfect opportunity for Fives to showcase its complete range of grinding solutions, and to demonstrate its latest innovations developped to meet customers’ needs and to support market requirements in terms of digitalization and sustainability: 

Newly released Landis 18 Ω for precision shafts including electric vehicle drive solutions

The automotive industry is facing unprecedented uncertainty in the manufacturing requirements for EV powertrain components. Investments need to go further to continue ICE production while simultaneously developing products and manufacturing capability for EVs.

In response to customers’ needs, Fives has developed the Landis 18 Omega for precision shafts including electric vehicle drive solutions. This cylindrical grinding machine combines many benefits: higher output with lower energy consumption; industry-leading power to size ratio; all with reduced floor space and man-power requirements; plus the lowest Total Cost of Ownership, and at an affordable price point.


Giustina VDD760 for new, low dust emission hard coated brake discs

From 2030, Hard Coated Brake Discs will be a critical element to comply with the recently-ratified Euro 7 automotive norms, which set limits on the air pollution from new vehicles sold in the EU. This technology significantly reduces particle emissions from brakes, but creates challenges in manufacture.

In response to the requirements of the Euro 7 Standards, Fives has further developed a technology to grind hard coated brake discs. This new Vertical Double Disc grinder benefits from Fives Daisho Seiki strong experience and proven industrial technology for conventional cast iron brake disc grinding that has been in production for many decades. With a reduced footprint, Giustina VDD760 features new working parameters and new abrasive wheel specifications, to offer optimized productivity and high-quality performance. 


Giustina XL-VSD for large bearings in the wind turbine market

Targeting the green energy sector, Fives has specifically designed the Giustina XL-VSD for grinding large bearings used in the wind turbine market. This extra-large Vertical Single Disc offers an advanced range of sizes to grind bearings from 1 up to 4 meters and beyond, with exceptional parallelism and flatness


Advanced digital solutions to track machine & process health and optimize machine parameters

To facilitate its leading role in the future of grinding technology, Fives provides an advanced Digital solution. Fives CortX product range includes a suite of hardware and software solutions tailored to specific needs, with the capability to connect seamlessly and agnostically with any control system to gather high-frequency CNC and PLC data. Solutions are available from simple dashboards, OEE tracking, Energy monitors and Condition-Based maintenance modules - to track machine and process health; all the way to Predictive Maintenance systems, and fully adaptive machine-learning solutions that automatically optimize machining parameters to improve quality based on auto-detection of the state of the grinding wheel or cutting tool.

At GrindingHub, Fives will also showcase its large range of custom-engineered tooling solutions to ensure maximum abrasive performance, including CITCO cutting tools, Natural, CVD & Peerless diamond dressing tools and Gardner abrasive and superabrasive solutions for disc, fine, OD/ID and tool-cutter grind applications


With a strong heritage built on renowned technologies -  Landis | Giustina | Daisho | Cranfield Precision | 
Bryant | Cincinnati | Gardner | CITCO, Fives provides an extensive range of grinding solutions. From cylindrical to single & double disc, ID/OD, orbital, centerless, optics, and a complete line of custom-engineered tooling solutions, our technologies serve a wide range of applications and materials for various industries


As a global partner with eleven Grinding | Ultra Precision facilities and localized service centers in Europe, North America and Asia, Fives is dedicated to its customers’ success, wherever they are, from engineering, operation to support program and service throughout the entire life cycle of their installations.


Visit us in Hall 9 at Booth B31
14-17 May 2024