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Hydrogen duct burner

Fives' first hydrogen industrial duct burner

A pioneer of the decarbonization of industry, Fives has over 50 years of expertise designing hydrogen combustion systems.

Fives’ duct burner, the Hy-Ductflam™, has been designed to fire hydrogen (H2) for industrial drying applications and hot gas generators. The Hy-Ductflam™ provides high efficiency and mechanical reliability.

Full fuels flexibility reaching 100% h2

Fives’ Hy-Ductflam provides full flexibility to burn both natural gas (NG) and H2, going from 100% NG to 100% H2 with also a possible blending of the two fuels. This is achieved without any modification made to the burner, enabling an easy operation of the installation.

This flexibility allows Fives’ customers to quickly to switch fuels during the life of the duct burners with minor changes to the installed equipment thus avoiding extra costs. It also offers the ability to easily adapt one’s operation to the evolving requirements of the energy market and limitations regarding CO2 and CO emissions.

A complete package burner solution

The Hy-Ductflam™ can be supplied with NG/H2 valve train and an additional dedicated mixing skid for the blending of both fuels, if required.

Fives’ long lasting proven experience in the industrial combustion of hydrogen for process heating and industrial drying ensures the design and the selection of the proper components. This guarantees safe, reliable and high performing installations according to the latest versions of the applicable standards.

The best solution for new installations or replacements

Due to the similar requirements regarding crossing velocity, pressure drops and modules arrangement, the Hy-Ductflam™ is suitable for any duct configuration. This modular industrial burner has the same design criteria as standard duct burners.

The high turndown (1:10 or higher) and the high flame stability over a wide velocity range together with the even temperature distribution and low pressure drop, make the Hy-Ductflam™ the best solution on the market. This is true for both new installations and the replacement of standard duct burners technologies.