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Fume Treatment Centre

A long-standing worldwide experience

Our 40 FTC operating in the most extreme climate conditions, from Siberian polar colds to intense heat in the Arabic peninsula, demonstrate the Fives’s world leading position in this application. With very low and continuously improved emission levels, Fives’ next-generation FTC offers high-end performance in line with the strictest environmental standards for all pollutants emitted by anode baking furnaces (PAHs, benzo(a)pyrene, HF, tars, etc.):

  • HF < 0.5 mg/Nm3
  • PAH 16 < 1 mg/Nm3 B(a)P < 0.005 mg/Nm3
  • Dust < 5 mg/Nm3

A customizable solution with broad functionality

Fives' Fume Treatment Centres are fitted with numerous safety devices, which guarantee risk-free operation. They can adapt to any operating specificities such as huge variations in terms of flowrate or temperature.
Our latest FTC generation features: 

  • An optimized fume cooling system with 100% water evaporation and almost no waste.
  • Up to 95% efficiency SO2 removal with wet or dry scrubber located downstream FTC. 

All necessary by-passes and specific protections are including to face any possible fire or explosion. The FTCs are efficiently protected against acid attacks, even under the most rigorous conditions.
Where applicable, Fives’ Fume Treatment Centre (FTC) can be replaced by a combination of the Gas Treatment Centre and the Fume Treatment from the anode baking furnace, thus replacing the Fume Treatment Centre (FTC) and forming the F&GTC.

High performance fume cooling

The fume temperature at the anode baking furnace outlet varies a lot. Fives has designed a compact and efficient cooling tower, which guarantees constant fumes temperature within the FTC.

This highly efficient cooling tower ensures:

  • 100% water evaporation thanks to special designed biphasic water injectors and continuous adjustment
  • Absence of corrosion and very limited dry waste at the tower bottom
  • An optimal pollutant capture due to constant fume temperature at the outlet
  • An enhanced protection against fire and explosion
  • Reduced maintenance thanks to a simplified access to all functionalities

Ultimate filtration technologies

Fives has been designing and supplying three types of filter modules for more than 50 years:

  • Ozeos is the latest generation of filters where gas velocity at the reactor is low and the handling of enhanced alumina is optimised. The pressure drop is reduced, offering high durability and unequaled levels of HF and dust emissions.
  • TGT-RI is the widespread reference among others.  One of its main features is the integration of the reactor inside the module to obtain an optimal distribution of alumina and gas.
  • Vibrair is very robust and adapted to the most stringent climate conditions. It is renowned for its very low maintenance need

Highly available tailor-made solutions for SO2 removal

We offer a variety of tailor-made solutions for removal of SO2 coming from anode baking furnaces.

With more than 50 years of experience in various fields such as municipal waste incineration, chemistry, fertilizers and industrial boilers, Fives has developed:

  • Wet treatment solutions based on seawater or soda liquor
  • Dry treatment solutions based on lime injection