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Firing Control System


Fives is a pioneering supplier of advanced solutions for aluminium production, including Firing Control System (FCS) for Anode Baking Furnace (ABF). We have more than 50 years of expertise, one of the world’s largest installed bases.

Helios, the ultimate Firing Control Solution

Fives proposes Helios, a tailor-made Firing Control System (FCS) for maximal performance, quality, energy efficiency and sustainability for aluminium Anode Baking Furnaces.
Our solution is based on state-of-the-art technologies to produce high quality anodes while complying with stringent health, safety and environmental standards.


Based on a client server architecture, Helios in-house control software suite ensures the full control and follow-up of our FCS. Redundant central computers run advanced control functions to achieve consistent anode quality while reducing fuel consumption and PAH emission.

The synergy between Helios and Fives' Fume Treatment Center (FTC) improves furnace safety and emission capture.

Fives offers unique expertise in baked anode quality optimization processes and technologies.

Through service contract and 4.0 technology, Fives experts can remotely connect and assist in optimizing the anode baking process.

Low NOx injectors & Combustion optimization

Fives' Firing Control System are equipped with patented gas low NOx injectors to reduce at the source the NOx emission while providing better baking homogeneity.
A patented combustion control based on carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring sets the quantity of fuel injected according to the oxygen available. The system identifies incomplete combustion situations in a few minutes and guarantees the complete burning of the pitch volatiles using a specific fuel injection algorithm, improving the process efficiency while lowering emissions.

Digital solution 4.0: enhanced anode baking quality

Amelios Suite, the Fives’ digital solution closing the loop between carbon and smelting data, includes several modules dedicated to anode baking furnace.
The baking data analysis module provides Key Performance Indicators to follow and optimize the baking process. 

The Flue Wall Monitoring module computes in field observations along the baking data for refractory follow-up and maintenance planning.

Based on web technology, these KPI are available for all actors of the anode baking performances: in the control room and in the offices for the supervisors and process engineers and directly on the furnace on tablet along with the real time data, for operator action and in field inputs.