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Furnace Tending Assembly

The ultimate technology for the anode baking furnace

Through its ECL product line, Fives designs advanced Furnace Tending Assemblies (FTA). Our engineers focus on finding solutions to meet the ever-changing production requirements of the aluminum industry, such as high productivity and low maintenance costs.
The ECL Furnace Tending Assembly is able to handle from 60,000 and 120,000 anodes per year. Our FTA benefits from a unique patented pending tools positioning for a better visibility and easier operability.

A tailormade solution to comply with any production requirements

ECL Furnace Tending Assembly, with its modular concept, makes it easy to add a whole series of options, but also to integrate any particular requests of our customers.


  • One anode grab 
  • One filling pipe 
  • A main pneumatic conveying equipment delivering a 85 m3 /h suction rate 
  • Electrical panels 
  • A 6 t auxiliary hoist 
  • A standard cabin

Optional functions: 

  • Two grabs 
  • A double filling pipe system
  • A suction rate up to 115 m3 /h 
  • An electrical room
  • A 30 t auxiliary hoist 
  • An extra wide cabin

Ensuring operator safety while maximizing performance

The sucking coke motoring system is a key element to maintain the ECL Furnace Tending Assembly at the highest level of performance. Backed by the industry’s largest installed base, Fives is uniquely positioned to enhance crane safety and performance over time.

Our engineering teams are fully equipped to ensure that your equipment complies with the latest safety standards.

Comprehensive services to optimize your FTA

Fives has 70 years of experience and a comprehensive installed base of more than 200 Furnace Tending Assemblies worldwide.

Our experts offer services and consulting to help our clients to:

•    Extend equipment lifespan
•    Improve reliability and yield
•    Lower operation and maintenance costs

Our skilled technicians provide a full range of repair and overhauling services, from reconstructing FTA tools to providing accurate assessments of equipment health. These services are available within Fives repair centers or directly onsite worldwide.