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Our expert solution for bath scraps processing

Fives’ bath processing units (BPU) crush and handle bath material of inconsistent size and hardness. They remove scraps and ensure accurate proportioning to produce a high quality anode covering material with the right granulometry. These operations are performed safely without dust emissions. Automatic scraps purging mode reduces operating expenses and maintenance requirements.
Our engineers work constantly to develop innovative technologies that meet the industry’s growing expectations for bath quality. From processing and cooling of hot bath to automated bath scraps processing, our tailor-made solutions are made to ensure our clients’ plants are easy to run and cost-effective.

Celsios: hot bath processing and cooling

Building on more than 30 years’ experience, we have 20 BPUs in operation globally. Our efficient, robust BPUs are custom made to meet the growing need for quality bath materials that ensure optimum potline operations.

Hot bath handling and storage before crushing is a major source of residual fluoride emissions, which has led investors and operators to seek solutions that avoid costly storage. Celsios is our dedicated solution for hot bath processing and cooling prior to crushing.

Celsios systems are equipped with:

  • Hot crust lump breakers with up to 900°C feed temperature
  • Low-speed metallic pan conveyors that simultaneously cool and transport bath to the feeding hopper
  • Gas handling and ducting network that collects and sends fumes to a gas treatment center for fluoride abatement

Fives autogenous mill: bath scraps processing

Bath purity and quality like granulometry are critical for efficient pot operations. Fives’ BPUs benefit from a fully automated process and cleaning sequence that collects metallic and other scrap content from bath material without damaging equipment.

The autogenous mills, vibrating screens, grids, and cleaning facilities remove plastic, wood, aluminium chips, and other impurities. Visual detection is used to identify carbon blocks to be removed from bath feeding, while magnetic separators and extractors remove steel and iron parts. Fives’ autogenous mill solutions (air swept or rotary breakers) are insensitive to scraps compared to conventional crushing processes, which experience frequent damage such as chocking and wearing.

They are designed to produce a wide range of crushed bath granulometry adapted to different pot technologies.