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North American Premix Burners

Reliable premix combustion systems

North American Premix burners are ideal for open air spot heating applications like glass, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and other general-purpose burner applications. These burners are also used for applications requiring tight ratio control, such as copper melters and launders. In addition to flame retention nozzles, Fives can provide the proper air/gas mixers and ratio regulators to deliver optimum process control for your North American burners. Standard nozzles are made of heat resistant cast iron, and alloy nozzles are available for higher temperatures.  

North American flame retention gas burner nozzles

Our gas burners nozzles are fed with an air/gas premixture. They produce a well-defined, medium- to high-velocity blue flame when they are at high fire. North American nozzles provide stable combustion firing in the open or through a tunnel in the furnace wall. Because the igniter/flame rod is inside the nozzle feed pipe, the parts are protected from damage. 

Our standard nozzles are made of heat resistant cast iron that can handle high-temperature furnaces or kilns without being damaged. A refractory tunnel protects against high furnace temperature radiation, but flow distribution and pressure drops should be carefully considered when designing the manifold mixture. 

We also supply North American 3065 aspirator mixers and North American 3070 inspirator mixers to create a uniform air/fuel mixture to feed flame retention gas nozzles.  

North American glass forehearth burners

Designed to be used with North American High Efficiency Heater Systems, North American Premix Gas burners are ideal for glass forehearth conditions. Fabricated with high temperature alloys, steel and cast materials, these burners are built to last. The extremely low profile takes up much less space than standard burners, enabling better access to peep holes, wall thermocouples, and binding steel.  

Our "captured" manifold seal design and easy-to-use seal tightening mechanism prevents elbow/manifold leaks that could cause localized flashback. The equipment’s vastly improved burner block seal/adjustment arrangement is designed to eliminate tip plugging and associated maintenance. 

The North American 4610 Forehearth burner is a straight manifold and the North American 4611 Forehearth burner is a curved manifold, both custom configured for any bowl shape.