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Packaged Burners

All-in-one packaged burners: advanced combustion technology

Packaged burners offer a compact, efficient solution for numerous applications: ovens, air heaters, process heaters, steam generators, emulsion treaters, water heaters, asphalt heaters, boilers, vaporizers, incinerators and rotary dryers. A built-in fan delivers 100% of required combustion air, meaning that expensive, bulky air delivery systems are no longer necessary. 

Fully customizable standalone burners offer simple maintenance and reliability

Standalone, customizable burners are reliable and versatile, offering numerous advantages. Pre-tested packaged burners require minimal installation time and maintenance. They are also designed to be robust and compact for smaller installations.  

Our ITAS Dryflame burners are the latest generation of nozzle mix compact corner burners. They are ideal for low-temperature drying applications operating with natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and biogas. The pre-packaged ITAS Dryflame is fully customizable to your process requirements, available from 125 to 1,500 kW, and can be packaged to include:  

  • Burner 

  • Combustion air fan 

  • Gas valve trains  

  • Burner ignition and control components 

Rugged and reliable packaged burners

Rugged, versatile, and reliableNorth American low-NOx Integral Fan burners are ultra-stable burners designed to operate with 20% excess air in chambers, at temperatures up to 2,000°F (1,093˚C), and under negative or slightly positive pressures. Cold, tight chambers present no problem for this durable, low-maintenance workhorse. It offers proven reliability while running with natural gas, any grade of commercial fuel oil, crude oil, pitch, or refinery bottoms. 

North American Zephyr™ burners are ideal for lower temperature applications up to 1,200°F (649˚C). Standard burners include an integral combustion air blower, pilot, spark igniter, flame rod and other features that simplify installation and operation. North American Zephyr™ burners have unmatched flexibility and adaptability in a wide variety of conditions.

Compact, Ultra-low NOx packaged burners reduce your environmental footprint

Packaged burners are suitable both for new installations or to retrofit existing ones. Their compact design requires minimal space while offering sufficient power to exceed industry standards.  

Our expert engineering team has developed the latest generation of Ultra-low NOx burners based on patented Pillard BLUEMIX™ technology. The Pillard NANOxFLAM® Compact is a highly efficient, Ultra-low NOx packaged burner for fire- and water-tube boilers, emitting less than 9 ppm at 3% oxygen.  

This fully packaged, plug-and-play burner is safe and reliable, thanks to pre-wiring and testing within our workshop. Low, uniform flame temperatures guarantee reduced NOx and CO emissions and high combustion efficiency.

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