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Duct burners

Advanced duct burners deliver high-quality production and increased uptime

Fives’ industry-leading duct burner technologies can meet a wide range of heating and drying needs. Our advanced duct burners are more efficient thanks to their heat recovery systems, low pressure loss, fast mixing and large turndown ratios. They ensure uniform temperatures for high-quality production. Additionally, a simplified combustion control system reduces failure risk while increasing uptime.

ITAS Ductflame burners offer high performance and optimal flame stability

Available from 100 kW to 30 MW, ITAS Ductflame burners are used in hot air heater applications across a wide range of industries: food and feed, paper, cement, minerals, gypsum, automotive, ceramics, textile and printing. Their flexible, modular design configures to airflows that vary in terms of quantity, pressure, oxygen content, humidity and temperature.  

ITAS Ductflame burners are designed for large drying applications, offering optimal temperature uniformity in outgoing airflow.  

ITAS Ductflame burners feature: 

  • Process air: up to 400˚C (752˚F) upstream and up to 800˚C (1,472˚F) downstream  

  • Combustion air: up to 200˚C (392˚F) 

  • Various fuel types: natural gas, liquified petroleum gas (LPG), biogas, mixed fuels containing hydrogen (H2) and others on request

  • Turndown ratio: up to 20:1

The H/T/C range, available from 50 kW to 30 MW, is designed for: 

  • Paper
  • Ceramics
  • Gypsum
  • Textile
  • Food
  • Printing
  • Automotive
  • Coating
  • General drying

The F/L/R range, available from 100 kW to 30 MW facilitates applications for:

  • Paper
  • Ceramics
  • Gypsum
  • Energy

Pillard INDUCTFLAM®: a reliable HSRG solution using best available burner technology

Pillard INDUCTFLAM® duct burners ensure top heat recovery steam generation (HRSG) performance, both in turbine exhaust and fresh air mode. Pillard INDUCTFLAM® burners are used in various applications, including cogeneration, combined cycle power plants and desalination plants. 

Combining cutting-edge burner technology and in-house computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling, Fives offers tailor-made solutions to meet clients’ combustion efficiency and emissions objectives:


A natural or process gas burner designed for turbine exhaust gas applications, with or without back-up fresh air mode. The burner features sturdy construction and long lifetime even when dealing with harsh operating conditions, thermal shock events and high flue gas temperatures  


A dual fuel burner using liquid and gaseous fuel, with or without back-up fresh air mode. Our new HRSG design enables the burner to power gas generators and operate in low-oxygen and low-temperature conditions 

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