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North American Flat Flame™

Industrial burners

Low NOx Flat Flame Gas Burners

North American Flat Flame™ burners convert the refractory expanse of a furnace wall or roof into a uniform-heat, radiating surface that is capable of high rates of radiant heat transfer over wide areas. The burners’ flames scrub adjacent refractory and have little forward velocity. The flat flame characteristics of these burners reduce the possibility of hot spots caused by flame impingement on work as close as 12 inches away. These burners are primarily used in aluminum and glass melting, and steel heat treating. 

North American 4833 Low-NOx Flat Flame™

The North American 4833 Low-NOx Flat Flame™ burner is designed to run on ratio in cold, tight furnaces. The burner produces a disc-shaped, flat flame. With proper placement, the roof or wall of the furnace can become an excellent source of uniform radiant energy. The rugged burner body is made from cast iron. The internals of the burner include heat resistant cast iron mountings and nozzles.  


North American 4832 Low-NOx Flat Flame™

The North American 4832 Low-NOx Flat Flame™ burner is used where excess air is required for process uniformity or thermal turndown. The burners have cast iron bodies and heat resistant cast iron mountings. All internals exposed to radiant heat from the furnace are made of stainless steel. 

Our North American 4832 Low-NOx Flat Flame™ burners are sealed-in, nozzle mixing burners with no flashback. Burner turndown will be affected by the accuracy of the control system, the flame supervision device selected, and the air/fuel ratio settings. Effective turndown can be extended by using higher excess air settings. 



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