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ITAS Thermal oxidizers

Tailored solutions for emission treatment

ITAS thermal oxidizers are designed to dispose of chemical waste through a controlled oxidation process. The systems generate end products that can be emitted into the environment without any harmful effects.

The equipment is ideal for destroying hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from industrial air streams. These pollutants are usually hydrocarbon based, and when destroyed via thermal combustion they are chemically oxidized to form CO2 and H2O.

Advanced expertise in VOCs abatement

Fives designs complete oxidation systems, including downstream treatments for chemical applications and VOC abatement. Our systems can be configured both horizontally and vertically or be custom made in order to optimize the dedicated space of your plant and ensure safe operations and reduced costs.

ITAS thermal oxidizers are used when there is a very high concentration of VOCs, to act as an alternative fuel source to natural gas or oil. They achieve complete combustion at the targeted operating temperature.

Built to efficiently eliminate pollutants

Three main factors that characterize the effectiveness of thermal oxidizers are temperature, residence time, and turbulence.

To ensure the near destruction of hazardous gases, these ITAS systems are operated at the highest temperature levels (when a catalyst is used, the operating temperature range may be lower). They offer a residence time that ensures optimal combustion, and a turbulence factor achieved through a high-grade mixture of combustion air with hazardous gases.

The combustion chamber is finished internally with insulation lining in ceramic or refractory fiber, to protect the main body from high temperatures.

Meeting our clients’ requirements

ITAS thermal oxidizers can incorporate waste heat recovery units to produce steam or heat water and diathermic oil, according to each client’s requirements.

Our systems can also be equipped to treat ammine compounds or to meet inlet VOC characteristics and environmental regulations for emission control, This involves the addition of a selective catalytic reactor (SCR) or selective non-catalytic reactor (SNCR) as well as a scrubber unit for acid removal.

Remote and on-site inspection, service and assistance

All ITAS Thermal Oxidizers are manufactured in-house and carry standard and extended warranties. Every project is thoroughly managed and followed up, from engineering and system design to site and through remote or on-site assistance and supervision.