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Fives to Attend JEC World 2024

Fives will be attending JEC World, the leading international composites show, in Paris-Nord Villepinte on March 5-7, 2024. Visit booth 5L58 to discover the innovative solutions that make Fives your single source provider of Composites & Automated Solutions.­

The Fives, Composites & Automated Solutions business line provides end-to-end composite manufacturing solutions from lamination to demolding and everything in between. As industry partners, we provide customizable lamination, forming, inspection, and curing solutions. Precision and performance are at the heart of everything we do, ensuring minimal waste and maximum quality. We specialize in developing highly automated end-to-end solutions that increase productivity across the complete line.

This automation specialism has led us to develop a range of unique, customized automation solutions. Working in diverse fields such as aerospace and biomedical engineering, we are problem solvers on the broadest scale. This innovation mindset is applied to all our projects – composite or other, big or small. Comprised of renowned legacy names: Cincinnati, Forest-Liné, and Lund we're responsible for the largest install base of tape layer and fiber placement machines in the world.

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Featured Solutions:



Cincinnati Viper Fiber Placement Systems represent the largest install base of fiber placement machines in the world. The Cincinnati Robotic Viper combines industry leader’s expertise with next generation automated fiber placement systems, offering a solution for applications previously laid up by hand.

  • High Reliability CUT/ADD Mechanisms
  • Accuracy at High Laydown Rates
  • Interfaces with Digital Engineering Suite



The Cincinnati SuperCharger is the next evolution in Automated Tape Laying, providing faster, more flexible flat tape lamination on complex courses and low contours.

  • Higher than 99.9% CUT/ADD Reliability
  • On-head scrap management
  • Cut on the fly speeds up to 1.8m/s


Composites Digital Engineering Suite:

Stop by booth 5L58 to see how Fives is the only true provider of an end-to-end digital composites engineering solution. Learn from our experts how the Composites Digital Engineering Suite provides our customers value throughout the design & production of composite parts. Fives products guide a part's journey from CAD, through CAM and simulation, and finally to fabrication with high-fidelity inspection & defect detection. The Composites Digital Engineering Suite thus creates the first true digital twin in composites - ushering our customers into the next generation of composite manufacturing.

ACES (Advanced Composites Environment Suite)

ACES is our proven analysis, simulation, and programming software for tape laying and fiber placement laminates. This powerful tool set is used to prove part designs, maximizing composite manufacturing performance.

  • Rapid evaluation of part coverage
  • Collision detection and automatic avoidance
  • Evaluate fiber deviation, wrinkling, gap, and more


(Composite Optical Automated Surface Tracking)

Based on advanced Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), COAST integrates seamlessly into the AFP machine, collecting real-time inspection data without impeding performance. Designed to handle a wide range of composite materials and sensor incident angles for advanced quality assurance.

  • OCT technology creates 3D maps of composites surface
  • Real-time tow placement measurement and control
  • Measures close to compaction roller minimizing optical variation