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Your market,
our innovative solutions

Innovative solutions tailored to current and future markets

Having worked alongside major industry figures for over two centuries, we can offer our expertise to the most demanding markets. That is why our teams are currently addressing the needs of the aerospace, logistics, defense and rail markets.

Bolstered by innovation and thorough mastery of the latest maintenance techniques, we support industry leaders and take care of their equipment through a maintenance offer using tried-and-tested methods.

Solutions to optimize energy efficiency !

Up to 30% of energy savings on your equipment

We support you in the optimization of your machine’s energetic consumption thanks to machine connectivity solutions and tailor-made recommendations based on over 200 years of industrial know-how.

This new innovative offer is built on 3 steps to guarantee up to 30% energy savings.

1- Project scope by an Energy Manager

An Energy Manager defines the technical scope and analyses your machinery, an essential step to choose the best adapted data gathering solution and define the type of measurements to carry out. The precision applied enables you to obtain a reutrn on investment within a year.


2- Monitoring Operation, detection of energy consumption items

We connect your machines through temporary or fixed acquisition solutions, based on our reliability specialists’ expertise and data gathering solutions developped by Fives. This evolving monitoring solution gives you the opportunity to choose connected maintenance options (TRS, conditionnal maintenance, etc.).


3- A systemic approach of energy optimization

With the data analysis, ours experts support you to deploy concrete solutions based on sobriety actions and technical améliorations (electric, gas, air, …, consumption) to save up to 30% of your energy consumption.



Industrial maintenance for aerospace and aircraft manufacturers

With over 200 specialists in the aerospace sector, we can provide maintenance for a wide range of equipment (machine-tools, hoisting equipment, 3D measuring machines, thermal treatment, surface treatment) for a section or a complete factory for aircraft manufacturers, equipment makers and engine manufacturers.

Over the years we have become a key figure proactively pursuing a primary objective: optimizing maintenance costs while guaranteeing outstanding quality in a sector known for its strict standards.

Maintenance adapted to availability-driven logistics challenges

Logistics, parcel sorting, mail sorting, order picking and e-commerce require a particularly high availability rate of 99.5%.

We support our clients to achieve those extra percentage points which make the difference in such a competitive market.

Our clients continue to trust us in an ever-growing industry based on our historic expertise, but also the latest technological and digital innovations.

A major player in rail maintenance

We have supported the rail market for over ten years to address the challenges of opening up to the competition, equipment security and the quality of service for end users.

Fives has over 150 employees specializing in the rail industry. They are proactive and familiar with business procedures. We make the difference by focusing our efforts on improved productivity to make our clients more competitive.

Maintenance plans for Defense and Manufacturing

Deeply aware of the importance of quality, confidentiality and optimizing costs in a growing market, we have supported our clients for a number of years. Based on innovative solutions such as predictive maintenance, tried-and-tested maintenance methods and a solid foundation of extensive skills, over the years we have established ourselves as a major player to address our clients’ current and future challenges.