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Thrive within an international group

Working within an international group which has been innovative and flexible for over two centuries, our employees develop technical expertise with high added value for industry.

Thanks to our multi-sector expertise and experience in dynamic markets, we offer excellent career development opportunities.

Maintenance technicians

An expert in maintaining industrial equipment, we recruit multiple maintenance technicians each year who provide diagnosis, preventive and corrective maintenance services and propose actions to upgrade equipment and improve reliability.

Our team of technicians also includes specialists in mechanics, hydraulics, automation, hoisting equipment and machine-tools.


Maintenance methods are central to our performance-based approach. Engineers, technicians and coordinators deploy solutions suited to our clients to develop the potential of their production tools.

These methods are also used in our Fives Academy - Maintenance program (FMECA, MAXER, Reliability, VORN, KPI).

Maintenance experts

The maintenance expert offers their expertise to maintenance technicians on site for new contracts or when difficulties are encountered.

They work through Fives Remote Services using remote diagnosis assistance tools (tablet, smart glasses).


We cultivate, develop and adapt our sales skills, always hand in hand with our strong technical and managerial skills.

We offer opportunities in roles as business managers and client account managers. These professionals are the foundation of the company’s business development and coordinate maintenance contracts on an operational and financial level.


Each manager plays an essential role to unite, motivate and ensure cohesion among teams. They also play a lead role in identifying talent and training employees.

Teamwork, leadership, listening and flexibility are major assets for the success of team leaders, managers and site coordinators.


We are committed to Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment through our values and our strategy.

With our teams and our clients, QHSE coordinators, engineers and officers minimize dangers and limit “HSE” risks to create a safe and secure working environment.



Our training school has a team of trainers and instructors skilled in teaching techniques to impart their technical knowledges in industrial maintenance.

Our instructors support our teams in the field for each business sector, ensuring their continuing professional development.



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