Services #&# Digital

Marc Aouston

Strategy #&# Marketing Director

Facing a volatile and uncertain world requires agility: Fives supports its customers with this challenge, throughout the life cycle of their equipment, notably using solutions based on digital technologies. Digital is both a major driver of innovation and crucial for our transformation.

Every day, digital demonstrates its relevance for an industry seeking flexible, reliable and more environmentally friendly and human-friendly production solutions. This momentum has been accentuated in 2020, in the context of restricted travel and physical interactions.

Digital services vital to the Fives value proposal

The services proposed by Fives maximize the performance of its customers’ production tools. They combine a thorough understanding of manufacturing processes and controlled power of digital and cover the entire product life cycle: modeling (digital twins), operator training, virtual commissioning, monitoring equipment performance during the operating phase, maintenance (including predictive), remote fault analysis and troubleshooting, etc. Fives teams have a range of digital tools to ensure, on site or remotely, effective operation of production lines, all while guaranteeing a high level of cybersecurity and integration in customer production management systems.

Allowing industry players to get the most out of their equipment

The quest for performance requires Fives teams to listen carefully and collaborate with its customers to better understand their problems and propose tailored solutions. Reduced energy consumption, improved product quality, automated facilities, better overall line performance, equipment flexibility throughout their life cycle, etc. are some of the issues which Fives solves with ad hoc and effective solutions.



A digital roadmap for greater responsiveness

In 2020, the Group updated its digital roadmap to propose increasingly economic, relevant and rapid solutions. Its different actions are focused on three areas: human-machine interaction, the importance of the environment and services.

Aluminium: connected services, top technical support

Thanks to the “Fives Connect” service platform, customers of the Fives Aluminium Division now have access to an interactive and customized catalog of spare parts, which allows them to easily identify the part they need, using exploded views. It also offers tracking of the part orders in progress.

Equipment commissioning in record time

Fives provided its Chinese customer Xinyu with a rolling mill for silicon steel processing. With the travel restrictions linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, the teams adapted to carry out the 79 required tests, adjustments and settings remotely, in spring 2020. The equipment was commissioned in just four months.

A service hub for maximum responsiveness

The Fives Services Gulf workshop in Bahrain, designed to meet the needs of aluminium producers, is now used for other Group activities. Fives Nordon (a specialist in industrial pipework) was able to very quickly meet a requirement for an urgent repair in a gas production plant in Saudi Arabia.


Fives Remote Services: full Fives expertise, even remotely

Thanks to digital, Fives can overcome geographic constraints to guarantee business continuity, greater responsiveness, support for operational teams, a high level of expertise and quicker problem solving for industry players.

In 2020, Fives launched Fives Remote Services, a brand which promotes its remote digital assistance services. It is based on three pillars: teams of experts, specific devices and systems (connected glasses, tablets, smartphones, etc.) and digital tools (communication applications, vision, connectivity, interoperability) without compromising on operational safety or cybersecurity.

In June 2020, Fives Intralogistics SpA implemented this offer for the first time for an e-commerce giant, to carry out urgent work at one of its sites in Italy without a production shutdown. The Fives Remote Services brand can be awarded to all Group Subsidiaries whose service offer meets seven criteria: customer focus, service performance, use cases, health and safety of workers in the field, cybersecurity, preparing for an immediate and successful market launch, added value for the customer and a business model which generates growth for Fives.