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Gardner Roll, centerless & cylindrical abrasive wheels

Our Gardner Abrasive & Superabrasive grinding wheels are a custom-engineered solution ideal for roll, cylindrical and centerless applications. Each Gardner Abrasive is manufactured with advanced bonds for better performance & longer wheel life, promoting cost-efficiency and improved part quality

Roll grinding abrasive wheels

Gardner Abrasives serve hot and cold mill roll reconditioning applications and offer a range of benefits to ensure optimum performance.

Steel industry applications include chilled cast iron, high-carbon and high-chrome steel, iron rolls and forged steel. Gardner Abrasive roll grinding wheel sizes range from 16 in. to 48 in. diameter with grit sizes of #24 to #500 mesh. 

RESULTS: Remove more per pass with less chatter, achieving a more uniform and consistent grind. 

Aluminum Oxide | Silicon Carbide | Ceramic
Resin | Shellac | Vitrified | Epoxy 

Roll Grinding Brochure

Centerless Abrasive Grinding & Regulating Wheels

Our custom-engineered products for in-feed and thru-feed centerless grinding applications boost productivity, while maintaining precision tolerances.  

Gardner centerless abrasive grinding wheels offer more aggressive stock removal by making better use of grains. Part roundness is maintained by avoiding chatter and lobing, while the advanced bonding system results in longer wheel life. This means tool changes are required less frequently, reducing machine downtime and improving productivity.

Our complete centerless grinding offer allows you to handle just about any centerless grinding application. Every Gardner Abrasive is custom-engineered for each customer application.

Grains: Aluminum Oxide | Silicon Carbide | Ceramic 
cBN | Diamond
Conventional bonds: 
Resin | Epoxy | Shellac | Vitrified
Superabrasive bonds: Resin | Polyimide/hybrid | Vitrified | Metal

Centerless Abrasive Brochure


Cylindrical Abrasive Grinding Wheels

Gardner cylindrical abrasive grinding wheels are custom-engineered for a range of OD grinding applications. They offer an ideal solution for external cylindrical grinding applications.

Gardner cylindrical abrasive grinding wheels avoid chatter by grinding freely during heavy stock removal aplications. 

Grains: Aluminum Oxide | Silicon Carbide | Ceramic
cBN | Diamond
Conventional bonds: Resin | Epoxy | Shellac | Vitrified
Superabrasive bonds: Resin | Polyimide/hybrid | Vitrified | Metal


We understand that extended wheel life and consistency are key, that's why we offer a wide range of abrasive grinding wheels that can be custom-engineered to meet your manufacturing needs. We also provide additional support for all of our customers, including qualified application support and training.

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